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Custom pure c# server (Non Unity based)

Hello. I have tried to create custom game server on pure c# and run in Custom Server slot. But always have an InternalServerError returned from EC2 host when call Matchmake. In local test instance all runs perfectly. Can anybody show a simple minimal working example - c# or java console app which launches smoothly on Matchmake? thnx

Custom Game Servers
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Reviewing the logs and build configurations, I see the issue. In this case, I'm looking at your Title ID F054. What I'm seeing is that you've selected multiple regions to be active, which isn't valid if you're only using the single free custom game server. I'm opening a bug to make sure the Game Manager doesn't allow this, and gives feedback in that scenario. Since you can only have one server at the moment, the first one that started "won" that slot, and it's in USCentral. Your matchmaking request was to join a server in USEast. Because there's no server active there, but the configuration is saying that region should be active, it's encountering an issue trying to fulfill the request - hence the error.

When you reach the point where you need to use multiple servers or a larger server model, let us know and we'll work with you to set up your billing for that.

While you're developing with the free custom game server though, please be sure to only use servers that you need, and to de-activate them when you're not actively testing. We want to be able to continue to offer the custom game server to developers, but if our costs for providing those grows, we may have to change that part of our model. Thanks for your understanding on this.

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I have closed all unused server instances but problem still remains. Please take a look at C306 Title ID logs. Even if i matchmake game directly in target region which is available from game manager i still have same error. Maybe problem is in my server build?

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Ah, I see the issue - you're not specifying a Game Mode. We can't make that a required field, since you could be matchmaking by LobbyId (to get to a specific game instance), but I'll file a bug to have that checked and a clear error message returned.

Also though, I'm not seeing any log files for your title. If you write logging information out to the log_file_path (passed in on the command line), you can also get debugging info from your server, to help with investigating issues.

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I have found an error. I cannot use HttpListener class cause listener.Prefixes.Add throws an error -> Access denied. I need some custom server logic based on web requests to minimalize mobile traffic of users, but can't use cloud script for it. How can i obtain rights to start HttpListeners?

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