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Save and Load player location or other data in UE4 Blueprints?

How do you save/ load character data from PlayFab using blueprints in UE4?
I have tried Statistics and "Get User Data" node but I just don't understand how can I get the actual data out of it?
I tried converting it to text but it didn't work.
How do i get the data? Maybe there are other nodes? Or other ways to quickly save Vectors and Floats?

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I don’t know what the “character data” you are referring to, if you are referring to the data stored in a character that belongs to a specific user, you may need to use the “Get Character Data” node to get the data and “Update Character Data” node to store the data.

Let’s take your Blueprint for example, you are using the Admin “Get User Data” node, which retrieves the title-specific custom data (stored as key/value pairs) for the user, similar to character data mentioned above, you’ll need to use the “Update User Data” node to store/update the custom data for the user. The “Keys” should be a list of keys you want to search in the user’s custom data. Let’s suppose that we already stored two key/value pairs for the user, they are test->data and test1->data1, now we want to get the value of “test1”, here is the Blueprint that will do the work:

This is the implementation of “Print Play Fab Error” function used in the aforementioned Blueprint:

Please also note that although Admin/Server APIs are convenient for development/testing purposes, which is the reason why I used the Admin "Get User Data" node in the demonstration, however, it’s not recommended to call them from the client-side when the game is live. In this case, we should use the Client "Get User Data" instead.

Moreover, it’s helpful to refer to the API references to better understand the structure of each API’s request/response in order to make good use of them. You may find these API references helpful for your question:






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Ivo avatar image Ivo commented ·

Hi, tyvm for helping me.
Yes i am trying to implement player location saving and loading system

OMG, It worked! I got the value I added on website.
Now trying to add keys and update value data from blueprints...

Maybe statistics would be better for saving player location?Do you know how can I get data from the array? When using "get player statistics node".

Can't delete statistics :O Mhmm

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