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ByPassing MaxMatchSize in the Queue Config


So I have been using the Multiplayer2.0 servers to host our game logic and its been great. We offloaded the network communication to SignalR to support thousands of clients connecting. The game relies on inputs from 1000s of player in realtime (but on the scale of a couple inputs a minute). The only issue is the restriction in the Queue Configuration that caps the player count at 100 (25 for teams). Since the communication is being handled by SignalR, all I need from the Matchmaking api is the server IP so that the clients can establish a seperate connection to the SignalR hub from there.

Is there any way to by pass the 100 connection limit in the Queue Configuration?

Recycling Connections? as the ticket returns a match ( with the server ip info) the link is cut, but the client still has the IP necessary to connect to the SignalR hub.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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May I know your genre of game? How do you use Multiplayer feature of your game? The Multiplayer2.0, along with the new matchmaking is designed for session based games, like Rainbow 6, PUBG, DOTA2, etc., AFAIK there is no way to bypass 100 limits of queue. However, if you can provide more details about the usage scenario, we may find a work around solution.

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Thanks for your time,

The game can be boiled down to 2 large scale voting rounds based on user generated content. Players are grouped together in teams of 4 and vote on a given option, once all the teams in the game (can range from 10-1000) have submitted their chosen option, those results are then put into a global pool and then sent back to the player for a final assessment. 2 rounds of voting, not much communication but it needs to handle a lot of clients.

We use Multiplayer2.0 to to host the game logic (swapping rounds, recording user votes, etc). But we were advised previously to rely on Azure SignalR for the large scale communication. The game needs to be quick, so the full process start to finish only lasts ~2 minutes. The large scale games (100+ players) will only run once a week and are initialized from an admin dashboard. But players can run smaller games to "practice" (caps 100) at any point in time from the client side.

The goal was to use playFab Matchmaking to initially spin up the game Server and then have the other clients connect to the SignalR instance from the returned match making ticket (which has the server ip).

Wouldstill get the IP back from a failed ticket?

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Seth Du avatar image Seth Du ♦ Shaiv Kamat commented ·

Sorry for the late response. We have tried to make contact with the corresponding team. Since there is public holiday recently, we still need some time to get the feedback. For now, is there any business impact of this request? Let me know so that I can set a proper priority of it.

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