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Playfab Website, Server Performance Issues

Hello, team.

hope all is great with you.

We have provided with gaming service in south Korea as an Indie tier, but recently we have received a number of users' complaints, quite noticeably.

What we consider as main issue is the speed of response on Playfab. It occurs often that we get none of or delays on response when we call for in-game relative functions and when we try to edit Catalogs' data and Title data on the website.

What could possibly cause difference in performance of Playfab the website in same play-environment? And which CS channel should we go refer to when in need of giving instant response regarding server performance issue?

Because of those mentioned above we're having serious problems with offering our users stable live service, hence, inconvenient UX.

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Thanks for your feedback, can you provide some detailed reproduction cases? For example, using RESTful API testing tools like Postman to make a sample API call, and take a screenshot of the calls, which includes responding time and callback results.

In addition, may I have your title ID? I will inform the team to take a look.

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Kim Seon-ho avatar image Kim Seon-ho commented ·

Thanks for the answer.

I have two projects, the development ID is F206 and the live ID is D4D8.

Very low performance in the last 24 hours, with no response.

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Seth Du avatar image Seth Du ♦ Kim Seon-ho commented ·

Are you experiencing this issue only on Cloud Script? Does these occur when you directly call APIs?

I have checked your title and it seems you call few APIs via loop functions in a single Cloud Script function. I don't know what's the subscription tier of you but If it is Essential Tier, a title that is exceeding a safe limit on usage (excessive calls per player) may be moved to a "quarantine" server vertical we manage, to prevent causing any issues to other titles. In that case, response times may grow significantly, as that vertical does not have the same level of resources as the primary PlayFab service vertical. So even non-Cloud Script calls could have significant latency in that scenario, though the worst case would be unlikely to exceed a couple of seconds.

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Kim Seon-ho avatar image Kim Seon-ho Seth Du ♦ commented ·

Thank you for your answer.

Our subscription tier is Indie Tier and titles haven't exceeded any limit on usage offered. At the moment, for now, responses on webpage and server are normal unlike before.

But like we have asked you, it's hard to understand for us when those responses get delayed out of blue. Time taken for response on server is lengthened when making API calls and Cloud Script calls, and it happens to be longer than 3 minutes from time to time.

Is there any way for us to figure whether the issue is about region we're in or Playfab server? / FYI: System status says all is normal when above happens. /

Additionally error below has been happening repeatedly since UI updates on webpage.

[An error occurred while loading data from the server. PlayFab engineers have been notified of the issue and will investigate.]

We are sharing SDK version of Unity and Playfab which we're using currently.

-Unity SDK version : 2019.2.2f1

-Playfab SDK version : 2.71.190821

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