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Steam WebAPI error: 102 (Ticket for other app)

Hello - I know this has been asked numerous times, and I keep revisiting the same posts hoping I missed something, but I cannot seem to get this to work for me.

I have revoked/reset the Web Key multiple times in Steam and waited for a whole day before connecting it into PlayFab and testing. I get the same error response as other users that have posted this. The steam auth ticket is returning properly, but LoginWithSteam call fails with the "Ticket for other app (102)" error.

I've tried this with the web api call here but get the same error response. The appID has been replaced in the steam_appid text file with my appID from Steam.

I am using the GetAuthKey method from Dylan Hunt found in the PlayFab documentation here The Steam Auth Ticket is returning properly with this method, but failing when using the setup below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my setup, using Unity v2018.3.11f1 on PlayFab SDK v2.69.190625. PlayFab TitleID: 31C20

/// <summary 
/// LoginWithSteam PlayFab call
/// </summary>
public void LoginWithSteam() {
  PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithSteam(new LoginWithSteamRequest {
    CreateAccount = true,
    SteamTicket = GetSteamAuthTicket();
  }, OnSteamLoginSuccess, OnSteamLoginFail);

/// <summary>
/// Steam Login Success
/// </summary>
/// <param name="result"></param>
private void OnSteamLoginSuccess(LoginResult result) {
  Debug.Log("Steam Success!");

/// <summary>
/// Steam Login Fail
/// </summary>
/// <param name="error"></param>
private void OnSteamLoginFail(PlayFabError error) {
  Debug.Log("httpStatus: " + error.HttpStatus);
  Debug.Log("errorMessage: " + error.ErrorMessage);
  Debug.Log("Failed: " + error.GenerateErrorReport());

/// <summary>
/// Get the steam auth ticket for login with PlayFab
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
public string GetSteamAuthTicket() {
  byte[] ticketBlob = new byte[1024];
  uint ticketSize;
  HAuthTicket hTicket = SteamUser.GetAuthSessionTicket(ticketBlob, ticketBlob.Length, out ticketSize);

  // Resize the buffer to actual length
  Array.Resize(ref ticketBlob, (int)ticketSize);

  // Convert bytes to string
  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
  foreach(byte b in ticketBlob) {
    sb.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", b);
  return sb.ToString();
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Hi, according to your description, I noticed that you did not mention updating the new App Id and Web API Key in PlayFab’s Steam Add-ons Page. Hence I think you might need to check the PlayFab’s Steam Add-ons page to ensure that AppId and Web API Key is the latest.

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henagames avatar image henagames commented ·

Thanks for the response. The appID and Web API Key are in the Steam addons page properly. The fourth time I tried this, I waited for 24 hours before entering it into the Steam addons page, but got the same result.

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A follow up to this. I still haven't gotten this to work in the editor, but when I go through all of the steps in actually creating a Steam build with the Steamworks SDK, upload my build, download and install through the Steam client, this works as expected.

I can't imagine that this is the correct workflow, though. Any change I make that I need to test with backend I'll need to create a Steam build and upload/install through the Steam client. This seems like a giant blocker for me.

Any further advice based on this?

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Citrus Yan avatar image Citrus Yan henagames commented ·

Hi, I checked Squigglyo’s answer in this thread: If you’ve done everything right, I suspect that it’s just Unity needing a restart once you’ve set up the Steam Web Key on PlayFab. You could give it a try, any issues let us know:)

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