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Steam friends not visible when privacy set to "friends-only" in Steam, instantly visible after change to public

Is this intended? When I change my privacy to friends-only, in dashboard I cant see that my 2nd account is my friend (so it is not returned in friends leaderboard), when I change the setting in Steam to public I refresh dashboard and instantly see my 2nd acc as a friend, and get correct leaderboard return data.

So is this the way it is intended to be? Was it working before and Steam changed something? Is there any workaround for this? Thank you

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I want to make sure I understand this situation. The scenario is that there is a PlayFab user X who is PlayFab friends with user Y. User Y is listed as a friend of user X in the Game Manager.

User X also has a steam account linked, and when user X goes to their Steam account and changes a privacy setting to "friends-only". User Y is no longer seen as a PlayFab friend which causes leaderboard issues.

Is this the correct scenario? If it is I have some follow up questions:

Are these users both Steam and PlayFab friends?

What is the specific privacy setting being set to "friends-only"?

What is your title Id?

And what are the PlayFab ID's of these users?

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Sorry, kind of hard to explain and understand as I am not a native speaker, but basically here's the scenario :

say X is my dev account on Steam, and I have my normal gaming account Y added as a friend on Steam.

On Steam as account X I go to edit profile - my privacy settings - friends list and change that from "public" to "friends only". When I go to Playfab dashboard for player X it says "No friends found". Playfab dashboard for player Y still shows player X as a friend, because Y has Steam friends list setting set to public.

After changing the Steam setting for account X back to public and refreshing the page - I can again see all the friends, and, as a result, they get returned in friend leaderboard requests, when checking "include Steam friends".

Users are only Steam friends.

Title Id FC0D

In this scenario Player X has id EDCFB0E7D97D1A54

Player Y id 319A53AFED93AF8

I left the Steam setting on account X as friends-only, so for me it is now not returning any friends on dashboard and in leaderboard requests, hopefully you can see it too. If you need me to change it please say so.

Thank you.

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The behavior you are seeing is by design.

PlayFab uses the Steam Web API to communicate with Steam.

When PlayFab looks for a user's friend list PlayFab uses Steam's GetFriendList API call, which returns a users friend list provided the privacy for viewing friend lists is set to Public.

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How come this behaviour is by design?

When a user is logged into steam and using playfabs api surely their friends should show in their friend list?

Is this planned to change?

Is there anyway around this to show leaderboard results of steam friends when they don't appear in your playfab friends because of the "friends only" option in steam?

Many thanks,


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