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Transitioning to Custom game server

How to transfer your game to Custom Gamer server.

scenario: one apk built with cgs second simple game apk [unity]

For soft release using simple apk [client authoritative ] for full/hardcore release using CGS.

How do we safely update our game on appstore and playstore? After updating the game still some client will have the old apk that they can use to report scores[cheat]. Is there a workaround to prevent this? Migrating to a different title?

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The Custom Game Server on PlayFab is for Multiplayer games, and it is an independent build implemented with GSDK. It won’t update with your clients’ updates.

App Store and Play Store have places to upload your client package. You may check Google play Console on your own and as far as I know Google and Apple provide lots of mechanism to protect your game/app, for example Google provide signature fingerprint for your app. However in fact, the client update and protection questions are beyond our support scope, the suggestion is always validating the client version before player can login and in terms of other questions, you may find more helps from Google/Apple developer community.

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What i meant was "how to migrate from one title to another, specifically One title has lets say 1 million users and now what we'd like to do is to migrate all these users with their stats to another title(one with custom game server).

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Yes, but it is dedicated support that Essential Tier users are not provided with. If you are Pro or Enterprise Tier, you can follow the lead of this blog:

You may also be interested in this thread:

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Talha avatar image Talha Seth Du ♦ commented ·

yes we are planning to release our game in essential tier and if the game gets good amount of users we'll switch our tier to enterprise to use Custom game servers for security purposes.

the only concern is that the soft release will have ClientApi functions in it. And the hardcore release will have serverApi functions right? so when the game is updated in stores (now game will have custom game servers). Can we block all calls made from first game using clientApis? Incase malicious users use the first game to send their own scores and values.

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