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Server API limitations

We planned to create game with asynchronous multiplayer support and using playfab for player specific data and external server for computing battles and other specific tasks.

In our case we need to update a batch of users after battle calculated, possibly thousands.

Question: is there any limitations to server call api? What will be if we will try to update 1000 or more players UserData in one second?

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There is a general rule of no more than 3 PlayFab API calls per second, this is for all API calls. For updating UserData there is a specific limit of 10 UserData updates per 10 seconds. it is required that this data be stored in the Player's UserData instantly or can this data be store over a longer span of time?

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Roman Golenok avatar image Roman Golenok commented ·

Are you telling about limitations for *one* player? Do you want say that I can't update 100 different players statistics or their internal data in one second in playfab?

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jital avatar image jital ♦ Roman Golenok commented ·

To clarify, the limits that have been specified are on a per-player basis, and averaged over the life of the session, a few calls a minute should be your target.

Additionally, no title should be making calls per player at this high of a rate, apart from short bursts. Making calls multiple times per second over a prolonged period will result in your title being throttled.

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Roman Golenok avatar image Roman Golenok jital ♦ commented ·

I didn't understand.
Will be 1000 or more calls per second throttled where each call is for unique player.

To clarify:
1 call per player for thousand players.

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Choi Yan Lok avatar image Choi Yan Lok commented ·

@Brendan Has the 1000calls/10s server API rate-limit removed along with the new consumption-based pricing? I just do some test, and seems like I could login/register over 5k users within 10 seconds using "PlayFabServerAPI.LoginWithServerCustomIdAsync".

It would be great if we could get a confirmation, as our game will be using an external server to sign in all users, and we don't want it to be throttled during production.

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brendan avatar image brendan Choi Yan Lok commented ·

No, the rate limits on the Client and Server API calls has not changed. However, the rate limits are currently enforced on a per-server basis. And since the service runs a great many servers for load balancing, it is possible to exceed those limits from time to time.

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Ankur Ranpariya avatar image Ankur Ranpariya brendan commented ·

Hi @Brendan Can you explain a bit about the Server Limit is enforced on a per server basis? Please also provide the link where we can find all the server limits for Server API, Entity API and other calls from server. Please also let us know where we can see/verify the uses of server API overall and per-server base execution info like Count, Success, failure, failure reason etc.

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