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The best approach to get ItemInstanceId from a user inventory?

Hi, I'm trying the have the ItemInstanceId from a user inventory and then execute the OpenTradeRequest. When I try to get the OfferedInventoryInstanceIds it's returning an error . What I'm doing wrong? I just need a simple code to get the ItemInstanceId. Thank you very much.

The error:

Trading Not Opened/Client/OpenTrade PlayFabError(InvalidParams, Invalid input parameters, 400 BadRequest - Details: OfferedInventoryInstanceIds: Invalid Format | )

using the following code:

private void GetInventory()


        Debug.Log("Starting Inventory Check");

        PlayFabClientAPI.GetUserInventory(new GetUserInventoryRequest(), OnApiCallSuccess, OnApiCallError);


    private void OnApiCallSuccess(GetUserInventoryResult result)




    private void OnApiCallError(PlayFabError error)



    public void GiveItemToMerchant()


        string instanceID = new ItemInstance().ItemInstanceId;

       Debug.Log("Starting the Trading Item to Merchant: " + instanceID );

        PlayFabClientAPI.OpenTrade(new OpenTradeRequest()


            AllowedPlayerIds = new List<string> { secondPlayerId }, // PlayFab ID for the friend who will receive your gift

            OfferedInventoryInstanceIds = new List<string> { instanceID } // The item instanceId fetched from GetUserInventory()

            //RequestedCatalogItemIds =  new List<string> { itemId } //The item instanceId fetched from GetUserInventory()


        }, tradeSuccesfull, tradeFailure);

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Can you print out "instanceID" after Line 40?

You may get instanceID after Line 19:

string instanceID = result.Inventory[0].ItemInstanceId

"Inventory" is a list contains all items and you can either re-construct it or adding them to GUI you designed so that player will directly click it.

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Thanks. It works now and the OpenTrade was executed. The GetTradeStatus result is "open" but when trying to accept the trade the error now is the following: (from xcode): (I'm not using coroutines).

Thank you.

Error: TradeWaitForStatusTimeout


PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabUnityHttp:OnResponse(String, CallRequestContainer)


UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)

EDIT: I found that this error is because the tradeId wasn't synced with the userID (receiver). Everything is working fine now...

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