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Is Playfab good enough to make MMO unity game?


We've just started a MMO unity game and we wanna know is playfab good enough for 500 CCU? or we need use Photon too?

also, is there trial of multiplayer playfab to test before purchase?


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Seth Du answered

Yes, PlayFab offers scalable server hosting, and we do provide service for many AAA games, please see the reply from Brendan in this thread:

In terms of Multiplayer service, PlayFab offers 2 build-in server hosting service

For now, Multiplayer 2.0 service is on public preview and is not available for Free Tier users and once it is in General Availability, the hosting service will be managed in the same way as the legacy one. The Legacy hosting service is available for Free Tier user and 20 running hours is offered for you per month to test your game before it goes live. But sooner or later this service will be replaced by the multiplayer 2.0.

We provide very detailed tutorials on multiplayer 2.0 implementation and usage on our website, please see:

Regarding Photon, you can use Photon for multiplayer service and PlayFab provides built-in integration. You are free to create an Essential Tier title then check it at [Game Manager] ->[Add-ons]. Be aware that PlayFab does not handle Photon billing any more and Photon will offer shared server resources while PlayFab has dedicated sever resources for your title. For more information please check:

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Thanks for your reply.

As I am quite a beginner for networking and stuff and so I am not sure how to even start multiplayer 2.0 service and so it's not good for that.I have spent quite a while trying to find out how it all works but I couldn't find any tutorial. can you help me, please?
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Seth Du avatar image Seth Du ♦ Mahsa Hafezi commented ·

Just let you know that Multiplayer 2.0 is only available for paid users and you can find all the multiplayer tutorials here: PlayFab Multiplayer Features. Specifically, in terms of starter tutorial, you can read this one: Quickstart for multiplayer servers (Game Manager).

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brendan avatar image brendan Mahsa Hafezi commented ·

As Seth pointed out, we have a range of features and documentation available for multiplayer server hosting. But since you're targeting creating a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) title, I do need to point out two things.

1. MMOs need to maintain the realtime game state in the local server hosting the player, as they need to do high-speed data exchange with the client. From a simplistic viewpoint, this is the same as for any server-authoritative FPS. And for "lightweight" MMOs where the action part of the game is only ever in instance-based sessions with a handful of players, it's extremely similar. But major MMOs, like WoW, require much more sophisticated server hosting systems, where there are distinct handoff points where a player is moving from one server to another. That's not something we support as a core service, so you'd need to write that logic yourself.

2. With that in mind, these are also among the most demanding of all types of online games. If you're not intimately familiar with server development and backend services, we would highly recommend that you hire someone into your team with that skillset.

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