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Granting Bundle via PlayStream or by hand results in "Unknown Error"

Hey everyone,

currently setting up the initial bundle a player receives and while that worked a few hours ago, now it doesn't seem to work anymore. I first thought I broke something in my PlayStream rule, but then I tried to just grant a new player the bundle by hand and it simply reports:

"Could not grant the item to the player. An unknown error occurred." Now idea why. I can grant single items out of the bundle, just not the bundle. It's set to consumable and 3 seconds (if that matters).

TitleID is D6DD



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Hello, I wanted to check, does the error occur on every player or only new players? Do players that it worked on a few hours ago also get the error if a new bundle is attempted to be granted by hand? I also wanted to check if the error is still happening in general or if it was a temporary issue?

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Can't test that, as we are currently only working with single player accounts.
Means at all times I only have my own UE4 client (or a hand generated one), so the player it worked on doesn't exist anymore. Currently no player exists. :/

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To clarify, when you said "by hand" in the original post were you referring granting the bundle via the game manager or did you just mean that you were calling the api yourself and not using the rule? In the case that you haven't tried via the game manager can you try that. It should look like this:

I also wanted to clarify what you meant when you said that the player's don't exist anymore, are you specifically deleting them from the players tab in the game manager? If no players exist in the players tab at the moment you can also create a player via the game manager for testing if the bundle fails when granted via the game manager.

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Cedric Neukirchen avatar image Cedric Neukirchen v-humcin ♦ commented ·

Okay let me quickly addess these questions:

- I usually add the Bundle via the Rule. This stopped working.

- For testing I then tried adding the Bundle via the "Players" tab. I think you call this GameManager. It's what your image shows. This produced the mentioned error. I'm not receiving any visible error when doing it via the Rule. I only notice that the inventory of the player stays empty.

- Yes I do delete the player by hand, completely out of the Players list, so that I can login again via UE4 as a fresh player. UE4 authorization happens through Steam.

I was, in addition to adding the Bundle via the Rule, also calling a CloudScript that modified the Player's PlayerData based on the Inventory. After getting all the PlayerData stuff working I noticed that suddenly the Bundle stopped working.

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