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Transfer titile to another studio

We want to transfer the title from one studio to another. In the tickets I was told that this can be done, but at the same time the publisher id will remain from the previous studio and it will be impossible to share the players data between the titles of the studio into which the transfer will take place.

At the same time there have several questions:

1) Will it be possible to edit, delete and interact with the transferred title from the previous studio in Game Manager?

2) Old and new players will also be able to connect without problems by titleid and interact with the playfab without any updates from the side of the client?

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1) No, members of the previous studio would not be able to access the title once it is moved to the new studio unless they are added to the new studio as well.

2) Yes, old and new players will be unaffected. The only impact is on players that play multiple games in the new studio. They would potentially have one account for the transferred game and another account for any others.

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To be clear, the implication for what you mentioned (that the Publisher ID does not change) is that the titles will still share the master player record. That's why you'll have one PlayFab ID for players in the title moved over, but different PlayFab IDs for the same players in the games that were in the studio that title is moved to.

And since the master player record (the part of the user account with the credentials) is shared across all titles with the same Publisher ID, that means that any players created in titles in the moved title's original studio will be sharing the master player record still.

In other words, if the original studio has two titles and a player has played both, then both those titles share that player's master player record, even after the one title is moved to a new studio. That means that if either title unlinks an authentication mechanism (device ID, Facebook, etc.), the player will no longer be able to log into that player account in either title using that auth mechanism.

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A few more questions:

1) What information / permissions are needed to transfer a title from studio to studio?

2) Will the owners of the previous studio be able to request and make a reverse transfer?

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brendan avatar image brendan Maxim Kolosov commented ·

1. We would need confirmation from the owners of each Studio.

2. Only if the owners of both Studios confirm.

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