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Unreal Engine 4.21 along with Multiplayer Features

Hi Iam developing a Multiplayer Cycle Game with the following features

Multiplayer events

Community Integrations (Strava, Garmin, Under Armor, etc.)


Social Connect

Syncing all Players along ( PS4,Xbox,Mobile) in one possible match.Showing multiple players.


XP Calculations

Let me know if Playfab + Photon can help me acheive all of the functionality provided so that i may purchase a plan accordingly Thank You

Player DataLeaderboards and Statisticsentitiesunreal
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Yes, you can access almost all those features easily with PlayFab+Photon. However, in terms of “Community Integrations (Strava, Garmin, Under Armor, etc.)”, currently we do not support build-in integration, you have to read their official documentations of API usage. You can craft your own way for integration according to your needs. You are free to create a title in your PlayFab studio and navigate to [Game Manager] -> [Add-ons] to see the lists of PlayFab build-in supported platforms and tools.

    1. For Photon

    We do not handle Photon billing any more. As a result, you have to pay for it on Photon website. While you may interested in upgrading Tier because there are many limitations in Essential Tier titles (You can check details at [Game Manager] -> [Settings] -> [Limits]). The best way is to contact our sales team via, or you can directly discuss with @Brendan.

    2. Thus, PlayFab offers 2 build-in server hosting service

    For now, Multiplayer 2.0 service is very close to public preview (although I cannot tell you the specific time)and once it is in General Availability, the hosting service will be managed in the same way as the legacy one.

    In terms of Legacy hosting service, it is still available for Free Tier user and 20 running hours is offered for you to test your game before it goes live. But sooner or later this service will be replaced by the new multiplayer 2.0.

    We provide very detailed tutorials on multiplayer 2.0 implementation and usage on our website, please see:

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    Thanks for your reply.

    So considering my game is going to be deployed on PS4 , Xbox , PC , Mobile .. Will Playfab be able to show Users from all platform competing each other ? Is it Cross Platform ?

    I also am having a hard time configuring the plugin as not many tutorials are available , i only see an auth tutorial.No leaderboards tut , no acheivement tut ...nothing . The Support for Unity3D is strong but for Unreal i really cant figure out where to find this stuff...Can you point me in the right direction regarding it ?


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    The PlayFab service is completely platform agnostic. From a technical standpoint, there's nothing whatsoever blocking you from having all your players together. But that said, the owners of the platforms may have requirements that prohibit that. We can't really advise on that, as we're not the owners of those platforms (though we can work with you to get the right point-of-contact for Xbox Live and Windows Store). You'll have to check with them directly, to get their feedback on what is allowed for titles shipping on them.

    Right now, you are correct that we've indexed more on Unity for our examples. That's just a reflection of the fact that the majority of developers using PlayFab are using that engine. For Unreal, we are working on providing more Unreal-specific tutorials in future.

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