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Is PlayFab my best option for functionality?

Total n00b questions here trying to determine my best route. I greatly appreciate any and all info that I can get even if it's: "Get off the interwebs u n00b programming is just not 4 U!"... After almost four hours of searching these forums with plenty of great answers by @Brendan and going over the tutorial I still have more questions than answers. I think I understand the functionality of PlayFab for game developers. But I don't know if these options are the direction I should be going. Alas.

My situation is: I'm learning Unity, have built a freestanding Mac/PC game and have been stuck on the 'Leaderboard' issue for almost a week. I have a mySQL database on my personal site. But have no clue about C# > php > SQL > php > C# So I went on a quest to see if I had better options...

Does using the PlayFab SDK require people who play my game to register their email with PlayFab in-order to get a playerId? The tutorial lost me there. There was a facebook/iOS/Android/email option but no custom userID option.. Or was THAT what the tutorial was originally talking about? I just couldn't identify where in the code It'd check if that name was already taken..

I think I only need to give users a unique username once and upon load and save check the server to update and see the top 10 and them. Is PlayFab the right direction for me? Is it more advantageous to have players register with their email?

Again just a drowning newb with a Hail Mary attempt. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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If you want to use custom ID to login, the proper login API you should use is LoginWithCustomID. However, we do not recommend it because this API doesn’t need a password which means there will be safety concerns if custom ID is exposed.

Using 3rd party platform (such as Facebook, Google, Steam) is comparatively safe because a username-password match is always required before you can get the session token.

As you have mentioned you may have tried LoginWithAndroidDeviceID. This method, in fact, is quite similar to LoginWithCustomID, which means it is not completely safe because password is not required, but due to the uniqueness of Device ID, it suits a silent login scenario and LoginWithIOSDeviceID is the same.

PlayFab also provides an email/username and password match for login via LoginWithEmailAddress and LoginWithPlayFab. It is safer and recommended to add those information via AddUsernamePassword (please see this API, you can bind both username and email address), no matter how you create the account.

Last but not least, you are always welcomed to ask any PlayFab related question on our forum, and there is no such thing as “n00b question” :P

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