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What is the difference between consumable and durable?

My game has virtual currency called FC and it can be purchased via real money. I have created a catalog and defined an item called bag of coins which delivers 100 FC on purchase with real money.

1) I don't know the difference between consumable and durable.

2) What is IsStackable, IsTradable and Is a token for character creation?

3) What are bundles, containers, drop tables and store. Where should I define my virtual coins?

4) This is a cricket game where you can buy players using virtual currency in an in-game store. How should I define this in playfab?

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1. consumable and durable

The consumable items can be consumed via calling PlayFabClientAPI.ConsumeItem, but durable items can't. Consumable items can be consumed by count or time, for example, a health potion with 3 charges can be used for 3 times and a torch will last 3 hours before dying out. A durable item is more like something for identity such as Family Badge of a character.

2. IsStackable, IsTradable and Is a token for character creation

    • IsTradable: the item can be traded between players.
    • IsStackable: the catalog item will only ever return one ItemInstanceId, which means no matter how many the same items are granted, there is only one item entry in this player’s inventory, and the value of RemainingUses will be incremented or decremented as more of the items are purchased or used.
    • Is a token for character creation: It is for creating a new character(only in Client API).

    Be aware that you cannot check both IsTradable and IsStackable. It is by design.

    3. Bundles, containers, drop tables and store

    • Bundles: allow multiple items or currencies to be purchased together. Containers are like bundles but must be opened to grant their contents(if it is a locked container, you will need a key). When a user is granted with a bundle, all items will be added into his inventory, while if it is a container, that container still needs to unlock
    • Drop tables: are weight lists of items that can be used in bundles or containers for granting items according to a specific dropping chance. One Drop table will only generate one item inside the table. The most common scenario is GACHA system in mobile games.
    • The store is a subset of a catalog with optional overrides. For example, there is a discount store which only appears on holiday.
    • You can define virtual currency in [Game Manager]-> [Economy]-> [Currencies] tab. For a more detailed tutorial, check out Currencies. Every item can define price, you can select currency and add amount as you like.

    4. Cricket game

    For a cricket game, you can directly define different durable items as different athlete, then create a store and add athlete items into it. For different teams or rareness, you can always define multiple stores.

    In addition, please try to send one question per post, thanks!

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