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What would be the best way to sync user database with external analytics database?

Our analytics team would like a way to keep the analytics database user table in sync with PlayFab's user data. We are looking at various options, but wanted to know if there was a recommended way to do this since there is no current (or performant) way to "dump" the user table data or certain sections of it so that it could be imported into our analytics database.

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For Essential and indie Tier users, a feasible solution is store/update every player information in the database when they login successfully. After a period of time, your team should gather a database of active players of your title.

However if you are professional or enterprise tier customers, you can create a ticket via to ask for help.

Export of all data from PlayFab is not supported, outside the Enterprise tier. We can provide a one-time dump of all data if you choose to leave PlayFab, and we do provide you with the ability to receive 100% of your event data. But reading out 100% of all player data for (potentially) millions of players would be quite expensive, and we work hard to keep costs down, so that we can provide the lowest pricing possible to everyone. Please see Brendan's reply on this thread.

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We're on Enterprise tier, so I sent a request over to devrel. Thanks! I'm always a little hesitant to go private with some of these requests as I feel like a lot of them could benefit the community.

EDIT: and I'm not sure how I missed that other one. I guess I was a little light on my search foo.

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So, from our offline thread (for others): For event data, the Event Archive would be the best bet, since it guarantees deliver of the events to your S3 bucket. We'll be offering additional options with the Azure Data Explorer option as we roll that out. For other data (like Player Data), you'd need to send that to your own backend in parallel to the call to send it to PlayFab. You can also potentially use Cloud Script for that, writing data for players to your own servers via a Scheduled Task, but it's important to bear in mind that Cloud Scripts have limited runtimes, so if your own server is delayed on the response, that could cause the script to time out.

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