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As of November 2018 what is the recommended IAP Asset?

Since OpenIAB has disappeared what is PlayFabs recommended IAP Asset?

I have looked at a few in the Unity Store. Some require an internet connection and don't allow offline cloud save functionality at all yet; Simple IAP - has PlayFab integration. Here is a quote from their site.

"To not postpone big updates several months, we've decided to implement PlayFab in 3 phases in Simple IAP System:

  • 1. phase: cloud save requires an online connection at all times. No data is saved on the device.
  • 2. phase: save data on the device too. Handle data conflicts caused by different server or local data version in a popup presented to the user.
  • 3. phase: hybrid - make it possible to go from online > offline or offline > online during the game. Compare local/server data and handle data conflicts automatically based on developer defined merging rules.

The first phase is what landed in the initial 4.0 version of Simple IAP System. As it requires an online connection throughout the whole play session, it is the most secure solution by far, altough better suited at devices supporting a reliable internet connection (desktop pc's via ethernet or mobile devices using wi-fi). Please keep that in mind when making use of this first iteration. Basically you have two options with online-only games when there is no internet connection available:

  • logging into PlayFab is not possible - it would be best to disallow entering the game at this state
  • or, only permit offline mode without earning & spending (such as a training mode with local scores)"

Most of the IAP Tutorials and Examples point to now defunct OpenIAB. Is there example code of a simple UnityIAP (Unity Purchasing) integration? I have already searched this forum and have found very little current information about IAP integration with PlayFab. I have already read . Trying to use Unity's Codeless IAP became a dead end when I could find no way to pass the item list into the IAP Button objects from a pool. So, I have gone back to the native code version of UnityIAP. I am currently trying to figure out how to exactly layout a system for using PlayFab catalog items and Google items to show the user a list of valid items and to handle the many steps for a store transaction. Its pretty messy so far. Does anyone else have these issues? Is there a straight forward tutorial on this besides the above link? Thanks You.

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Thanks for your feedback, your description about online-only games IAP is basically correct. For example in Google Play purchase, the majority of the process are communications between client and google play server. PlayFab can validate the purchase only after the purchase data and in-app signature from Google Play are received.

Currently we do not have detailed Unity IAP integration tutorials but you can take a look at these two: and

I will report your suggestions to our documentation team to see if there is upcoming tutorials about it. Please keep track of our documentation and blog updates.

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Justin avatar image Justin commented ·

Does the team have a recommended IAP package that works well with Playfab?

Which (GooglePlay) "Purchaser" method and where in the process should ValidateGoogleReciept happen?

(also.. how the heck do you make an edit to a question or reply here?) Nvm.. Edit is working now.

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Andy avatar image Andy ♦♦ Justin commented ·

We haven't validated any external Unity IAP assets and, as such, can't make a recommendation.

As to when to call ValidateGooglePlayReceipt, you should do so as soon as you have a receipt and you'd like the items granted to the player in the PlayFab backend. It's hard to be more specific than that without knowing the details of your game's purchase flow.

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Justin avatar image Justin Andy ♦♦ commented ·

Well directly using Google Play In-app Billing service (Version 3 API), as directed in the

"show-me-money-receipt-validation-ios-and-android" link above, is incredibly convoluted and a huge time waste. Many mentions of this service lead to all sorts of unresolved problems by customers trying to use the outdated Google service.

Unity recommends using "Codeless IAP", however if used, it seems like they have not allowed any coded connections to the purchasing data you need. So, I am trying to use the "Coded IAP" which means turning off all of the "Codeless IAP" that over rides it. I guess a simple you need "this" from "here" through "this" service option flow would help a ton. Still googling like a MF other peoples mess to try and figure out how to do it since PlayFab has no recommendations on a Google Play IAB middle-man asset. Why was OpenIAB chosen for the examples? Since it is now unusable and its flow will be different than any other service even the documentation will be useless. Frustrated.

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