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Leaderboards of N Players


We are currently in the process of designing our game and would like to have weekly leaderboards. However, design requires us to have leaderboards of N players each week.

So for our game, we require a person at a given league ranking would be placed in a leaderboard (or some other way to group these players) with 99 people also in the same ranking.

Then as they and others player, the leaderboard will update during that week.

At the end of the week, we want to run a cloud script (or something else) that will award players in a top % inventory items and also promote them up a league. The lower bracket will also be demoted until they are in the lowest league.

Does PlayFab support this kind of system or is there a work-around that will allow this implementation.

One thought we had, was for the player to choose 99 random IDs from a pool of players in the same segment (league) as themselves. Then, when displaying the leaderboard, run a script to get the 100 stat values from the players and then ordering them ourselves.
However, we feel this isn't the right way to go possibly due to large amounts of calls for each players stats and we are then not sure of the best way to award the inventory items at the end of a week.


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That's specifically what we're referring to when we talk about leaderboard "buckets" in the Q4 roadmap blog post:

So you can expect to see that capability as soon as the leaderboard upgrade has been completed, later this quarter.

For completeness, you are correct - the process you describe of querying 99 other players would absolutely not work (and would likely get your title blocked due to abusive call behavior). If you need this functionality before it's available in the service, we'd have to recommend using an external data store.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I'm going to assume that there can't be any promises made for this being released before the end of december, or does it look to be on track?

Do you recommend any external data storage solution in particular?

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We're on track to deliver it by the end of the year right now. It's certainly the case that we've been trying to be more flexible in providing advance feature info, so given that the feature isn't complete yet, I can't 100% guarantee that it'll be done by the end of December. We're a live service with thousands of active titles, so if something comes up that requires us to re-direct people to work on that, it could steal time away from this project. That's why we didn't provide any estimates in the past - having people take dependencies on something we can't absolutely guarantee will always be a risk. But our community made it clear that everyone would prefer to have a non-guaranteed estimate, so we've moved in that direction.

We don't recommend any particular backend data solution, but I'd strongly encourage making sure it can scale effectively. Redis is a good option, from that perspective.

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