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1 Day Trial Hero Card for MOBA Game Setup in PlayFab Catalog

Hi everyone,

I am making a MOBA Game. If a player purchase or gain a 1 day trial card for a Hero, how to create the trial card item in PlayFab Catalog? Do I set the Trial card Item to be consumable, set By Count to 1 then set By Time to 24 hours?

Also, is it better to keep a Hero as Character or as Item in Player Inventory?

Is there a way to increase max items or max characters per player in PlayFab?

Thank you for your help and reply

Best Regards,

Active Dream

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Andy answered

Going down the list of questions...

  1. If you want the card to be consumed in a day then, yes, set the consumable "By Time" field to 1 day and "By Count" set to 1.
  2. Character versus inventory is mostly going to come down to how many someone can possess and if there are things like statistics or inventory you want to track on a player's heroes (versus just on the player themselves). If players are going to possess more than 10 heroes, you'll have to use inventory.
  3. We don't support increases to the per-player character limit. For inventory (character or player) we do support a paid increase to a max of 1,500 items per player.
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Andy avatar image Andy ♦♦ commented ·

One quick addendum: The inventory limit will be increasing in the future as we roll out our updated Economy features. I don't have a precise timeline or updated limit, but we'll share more when the data is available.

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Hi @Andy,

Thank you for your reply, At the moment there are 20 Heroes that the player can buy from the store and at least there will be more than 20 costumes for that Heroes. So in total perhaps the top tier or hardcore players can have a total of 50 items more or less in their inventory. I guess since there is a limit on character, I will keep the owned heroes and costumes in inventory. Also, is there an APi call that I can use to get specific inventory item? for example: to check if this player have a particular hero in their inventory? Each hero is defined in my store with an ItemID.

Thank you for your help and support

Best Regards,

Active Dream

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brendan avatar image brendan activedreaminc commented ·

Is there a reason they need to use the Character system? It sounds like you'd be much better off by using the inventory system for them.

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