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Facebook Friends added even if no Title ID... Master accounts with phantom game accounts... and more player profile craziness!!!


My investigation into PlayFab account weirdness continues with the following observed phenomena...

- If I link my account to Facebook, players that have a Master account but no Title account, but have previously linked the game to Facebook, without logging on to Playfab, will appear in my friends list... but they won't be retrieved when I get friends, so no harm there, however...

- I am seeing Master accounts with Game accounts for titles that they have never logged into (they do not have a beta invite, and they are not on the player list for the other game). These "Ghost" accounts DO show up when I get friend info for the title.

Any ideas as to what could be happening here? :(

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Andy avatar image Andy ♦♦ commented ·

Can you share some examples of players in this situation? I'd like to investigate.

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dan avatar image dan Andy ♦♦ commented ·

Sure... can I give you access to my PlayFab backend, so you can poke around?

I have been investigating and discovered the following...

- On my account for Game A I have a friend that I didn't add. I am friends with this chap on Game B, where I must have added him.

- When I click on the friend in the backend of Game A, it goes to the main player list, which this friend is not on (rather than displaying his profile).

- If I go the the backend for Game B, the friend has a Title Account, and his Master Account says that he has also has an account for Game A, even though he does not appear on the player list for that game. Clicking on the link for the Game A account takes me to the main player list for that game again.

- Searching for this player's ID in the backend Player List for Game A results in nothing.

- In Game A, if I do a call to GetPlayerCombinedInfo the returned data shows that this player does indeed have a Title Account for Game A!

I will post the data in a separate reply.

Very strange indeed. :|

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dan avatar image dan dan commented ·

Here is the data...



















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dan avatar image dan commented ·

Yep - A = C075 and B = B433.
I don't any players have been deleted.

One of the mystery accounts happens to be my Girlfriend's iPad. She hasn't run Game A on it, but she seems to have an account, probably because of her linked Game Center ID.

My guess is that I logged in to Game A, and because she is my friend on Game Center, and has linked her account via Came Bm something caused a Game A account to be created for her, without her actually having fired it up.

I am going to see what happens when I log in with Game A for the first time using my girlfriend's iPad. I'll also do a review of my scripting on Game A, to see what might have caused it.

Thanks for looking into this!!!

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dan avatar image dan commented ·

Had a quick look at my script. The only thing that could have caused this is the way I "sync" Game Center friends with PlayFab friends...

- Get the current players Game Center friends (from Game Center). This returns all of the current player's Game Center friend IDs.

- Get the corresponding PlayFab IDs using PlayFabClientAPI.GetPlayFabIDsFromGameCenterIDs. This returns the Master IDs of anyone who has logged into PlayFab with any of our games, regardless of whether they have used the game in question or not.

- Add those IDs as friends using server.AddFriend. This should only add players with an existing Title ID... but it looks as if it may actually be creating ghost title IDs???

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dan avatar image dan commented ·

OK. I logged in to Game A with my Girlfriends iPad and something unexpected happened...

- First of all it just connected with the device, and created a new Title Account DCA80ACE95BCE5ED

- Then I linked Game Center, which seemed to work OK.

- Now, from Game B's backend, I can open up the account for Game A, but it is a totally different account (B254246E1A297A2C) and no longer linked to Game Center.

- The account in Game A is linked to Game Center.. but has no account in Game B.

So it looks like linking the Game A Title Account to Game Center breaks the link from Game B.

Hmmm. Very odd. Presumably you can log-in using Game Center???

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dan avatar image dan commented ·

Ah... I am using Force Link when linking to Game Center... Looks like I will need to redo the script in both games!

That still doesn't explain the phantom friends and ghost accounts though... or does it?

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Andy avatar image Andy ♦♦ dan commented ·

ForceLink definitely explains the behavior you saw with your Girlfriend's account. I'm not convinced that's the reason for the "ghost" title accounts, though. I'm still looking into that.

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I'm filing this as a bug. Specifically, it appears that the title_player_account entity exists for your "ghost" accounts, but there is no corresponding player profile. We'll be investigating how this came to be. can you provide a list of any players you've noticed in this situation. Having more examples could help us isolate the cause.

Is this causing any problems in your game right now that you need help working around?

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