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Playfab With Photon Addon. Matchmaking stopped working properly.


I can't express my frustration in words right now. I was getting late for something and decided to do some simple parts just to find that matchmaking stopped working properly for some reasons without me touching any part of it.

Here's what happening:

I ran the game in editor and windows standalone. Tried to connect both players just like i always do and it always does, but today:

- sometimes I am able to find the player and start the game scene with him but when he leaves, the winner scene shows up and there we go "Disconnect from Photon" thing comes out.

- And this one is happening most often that whenever i click "Play" from one device and after 2-5 seconds (like i always do) when i click "Play" from second device, it disconnects one device and attempts to reconnect. And when i attempt to join again following the procedure, it disconnects another device and attempt to reconnect. In debug log, I am able to see that "Disconnected from Photon" is the case.

My internet connection is very fast with 50 to 100 range mbps speed. It is stable enough and never causes such issue. I am pretty sure its a bug from your side as I didn't change anything.

To make sure that thing, I played the older (untouched) versions and the issue is the same there, so it's another confirmation that I didn't touch any part.

Can you please confirm and check? In order to help you trace the issue, I have also confirmed that:

- It's taking very long to even login using email option.. Several attempts of reconnect helping us to login at last.

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gamerishere avatar image gamerishere commented ·

For your information, the issue is arising when connecting from same IP (will update more information and will re-test this to confirm it another time).

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Hamza Lazaar avatar image Hamza Lazaar gamerishere commented ·

I don't think connecting from the same IP could cause any issue.

Maybe you are trying to join the same room using the same UserId.

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Andy answered

I'm trying to discern whether the problems you're having are with Photon or PlayFab. The disconnection issue is likely to be an issue you're having with Photon (as PlayFab doesn't maintain a persistent connection). Have you tried working with the Photon folks over on their forums? I wouldn't be surprised if using the same IP for both clients causes issues with routing, but I'm not certain.

The login issue may be related to PlayFab. Can you clarify which portion of the Photon authentication flow you see taking excessive amounts of time? Is it LoginWithEmailAddress, GetPhotonAuthenticationToken, or the authentication with photon that occurs once you have the token?

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gamerishere avatar image gamerishere commented ·

@Andy Thank you for your reply.

I've noticed several issues with "LoginWithEmailAddress" and "RegisterWithEmailAddress". At the time when I ran into issues (and still the connection stuff is not yet fixed), I tried to register a new account to see whether something is wrong with a single account or what, but i encountered that PlayFab register with email succeeded but "DisplayName" didn't update like it always does. I created another and found the same issue.

After like an hour, I registered two new accounts and both were registered fine. I'm not sure about GetPhotonAutheticationToken at this stage, though. Will start testing again.

And No, I didn't ask them if they are having issues or what. But what surprises me is the fact that no one reported such issue in their forum recently and no such alerts in their twitter, but I'll see if I can get in tough with them. Can you please try from your side too? I believe response time will be fast for you than for me.

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

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brendan avatar image brendan gamerishere commented ·

@Hamza Lazaar may be able to advise on the Photon question.

I'm not clear on what you're saying is the issue for email login. If you are creating the account with, the title display name will be set to whatever you provide in that API call (the DisplayName parameter). If that's not set, no display name will be set.

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gamerishere avatar image gamerishere brendan commented ·

Exactly, the parameters weren't changed. I registered without changing anything from the code (it is already coded that displayname should be playfab id) but experiments on different times brought different results.

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