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orphaned account (?) leaves QA unable to frictionlessly log in

Before I asked my previous question about the best way to test the new user experience, my colleague had already attempted unlinking device IDs and deleting players to simulate the new user experience. Now, when they boot any android build, their frictionless login is rejected

Playfab Error: ServiceUnavailable
HttpCode=400, HttpStatus=BadRequest
ErrorMessage: 409 Conflict
EndPoint: /Client/LoginWithAndroidDeviceID

It's been like this for a few weeks, and I was hoping that whatever was blocking the request would clear out, but it still seems broken.

I'm hoping someone from playfab can go in and clear out the blockage? Or let me know if there's a way for me to do this myself.

The Android ID being blocked is 56d605ba04cc117c, and the title ID is 80CD.

I think there's one other device affected, and I'll update this question if I get more info.

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brendan answered

Can you clarify the test case? The only time you should be encountering the ServiceUnavailable/Conflict issue is if you have multiple calls in flight for the same account at the same time (so, in this case, multiple testers trying to use the same account to sign in at the same time, generally).

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The tester is just booting the game. There's no output in the log that implies we're trying to do two things at once - just frictionless login, then this error. It's using the android ID so couldn't be two different devices.

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...but are you implying that if, say, two devices shared an account using google login, they couldn't both log in at the same time? That's not happening here, I just want to make sure we're covering that test case if necessary.

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If they're trying to sign into the account in the same millisecond, yes, that could cause an issue. As you can imagine, that should be rare. Are you seeing the issue now for the Title ID and PlayFab ID listed? If you don't mind, we can do some testing against it, to see what we can see.

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I won't worry about milliseconds then. that's the android ID, not playfab ID, but yeah. any help greatly appreciated. I can't get a playfab ID because it refuses to sign in with the android ID.

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> Can you re-test?

Retested and still the same 409 error. It's been over a month now I think.

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Ah, if it's been that long, it's clearly stuck due to corrupt data. I had a look at the records and removed the Android ID entry once I confirmed the User account had been cleaned up. You should be good, now.

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