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Creating Stackable CCG Character Inventory

I'd like to create stackable character cards that players can collect, while also being able to add custom data such as character level, as well as log statistics per character, such as last used, number of interactions, etc. Characters in my game are static, as in their not user generated.

I already know that PlayFab supports stackable Inventory which is great, however it doesn't seem like it's possible to create stackable characters.

As a result, I'm considering making the inventory stackable and generating a new character for each unique character card. This does come with the cost of looking up the character each time and managing the character ID for each user, as granting a character to a player generates a new ID each time.

It also doesn't seem like I can grant multiple characters in one API call, so I'm trying to be careful to not hit the limit.

Is there an easier way to go about this?

Thanks in advance!

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Can you clarify your design? It sounds like you're describing character cards, which are really just cards that have some instance-specific data on the character, like level or strength. What, specifically, do you mean by "stackable characters", and how do you see them as different from item instances? What specific aspect so the Character system in PlayFab would they require, and how would they use them?

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It’s very similar to the Clash Royale style. So stackable characters as in, stackable character cards. Every time players get a new character card, that character card are incremented in their inventory. Every level requires a certain amount of cards before they are able to upgrade to a new level. So yes, I am describing character cards

I see Characters different from item instances because of the ability to log statistics per character. Statistic such as number of times used, number of times seen. In addition to that there is also updating custom data for each user such as first sighting, last sighting etc

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Statistics are specifically leaderboards. Is that the intent, that you'll have a leaderboard of these things at the character level? If not, I'd recommend just storing it as data on the character item, for evaluation.

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No Leaderboards are not the intent. The statistics like number of times played will be used later to tell the player, which character is their favourite, and target offers based on that.

So your recommendation is to create stackable inventory and a character, for every unique character?

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