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Character Leaderboard Filtering


I've got a word game that I'm working on integrating playfab with. In this game, I plan on supporting multiple languages, but the choice of language could have a gameplay impact, so for that reason I want to keep leaderboards separate (per language). Any given player can choose to play this game in more than one language (even as rapidly as from one match to the next).

I could swear I read somewhere (though can't find it again now) that there's a limited number of statistics per player (as well as just prefixing stat names with language being messy from a design point of view), so I don't want to go down that path. I was thinking that I could use characters as my languages, i.e. each language a player plays creates a new character that their matches played in that language are scored against.

I know there's also a limited number of characters a player can have, but it's at least seeming like a cleaner architecture, and it should only be a small percentage of players who want to play in enough languages for that to be an issue. (Though I'd love a solution where I won't hit that problem).

Probably two question here. First is what are your thoughts on this architecture? The other is, I'd like the leaderboards to appear as per language/statistic pair leaderboards, but I don't know that the characters API allows me to filter the leaderboard based on some attribute (essentially a type for each character). So that's my biggest concern with this architecture. Only idea I have that may enable this, is to name the statistic differently for each character, this way their leaderboards will automatically be separate, but I'm not sure if that's going to clash with API/policy constraints.

Thanks for your advice.

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Correct. If you have a look at the Settings->Limits page in the Game Manager, you'll see your current limit for statistics, as well as the upgrade options (you can also increase the number of statistics via the Indie and Pro tiers).

But no, what you're suggesting would simply move the problem to the character leaderboard instead - you'd still have all the different languages in the leaderboard, as you're only using one statistic. The right way to do this would be by having a separate statistic/leaderboard per language. Moving to characters doesn't change the total number of statistics/leaderboards you can have per title, so it would be best to simply do this at the player level.

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Thanks, Brendan.

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