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Adding a Leaderboard to my UE4 BP Project

Hi Guys,

I found playfab by accident and I must say this is very impressive! I may use it in future projects too.

However, I am having a problem where I have an existing UE4 Project that is purely Blueprints.

I found your bi-weekly ue4 blueprint sdk and which is useful but that requires me to build a new c++ ue4 project with no starter content which is a big problem because that means I will have to start it all over again in development to work with it there.

I found I can add C++ Classes to enable C++ usage in my existing project which I cloned to retain the original as a back up.

What I am wondering though is there is a lot of c++ classes in the list so I am wondering do you guys happen to know which I would need for the following to work:

I just want a simple Leaderboard to be displayed from the Main Menu via a button which causes a ui widget to pop up. But, this also needs to be displayed when the player dies in-game where they then see their var total score and var total distance values which are automatically submitted to the leaderboard along with their profile name that they set before starting the game.

1) Profile Name

2) Total Score

3) Total Distance

I'd appreciate any help or advice to get this working. I'm terrible at programming so that was why I originally stuck mainly to blueprints.

I really wish you guys would add a plugin in their marketplace to add to projects to simplify this whole thing. It would solve a ton of issues and jumping through hoops!

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Any of the leaderboard API calls would get you what you need - for example: What you would do is use the ProfileConstraints to specify the things you want to get back. In this case, you want the player's title display name, and their other statistics (since you'll be posting score and distance as distinct stats, you'd get the distance using the ProfileConstraints.ShowStatistics as part of the call to get the Score leaderboard). Sorry we don't have a specific, pre-built Blueprints sample that shows this - I'd recommend using the tutorial ( to get a basic understanding of how to use our Blueprints SDK.

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