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Playfab Limits and Tiers


I'd like to ask a few questions about informations what I found on, and Limits tab in title settings scren.

1) Does title limits change, when I decide to change free tier to Indie/Pro?
2) Are these limits set automatically, or I'd have to contact PlayFab for it?
3) If there are some autmatically set limits, where I could compare what will be less limited in other tiers?
4) What's the difference between Essentials, and actually Free tier (as You can get just by creating account, and title - without deciding to any of the Essential/Indie/Pro/Enterprise)?

I'd like to refere here to PlayFab's pricing page, where is comparison table displayed. For example, Essentials tier doesn't have check near Scheduled tasks, while currently I can set them in title and use (up to 5 of them).

5) There is statement, that I can "stay at the Essentials tier", if so, I wouldn't be able to use certain modules from PlayFab?

6) If my title hits 1000 MAU, is it automatically moved to Indie/Pro tier?
7) Reffering to all of the above, why would be there a Limits page in Title settings?

These are questions what came while developing a title, when PlayFab is really helpful, these whole Limits and Pricings are slightly confusing. Especially when Limits which I can buy "as I need" are priced by 100.000 MAU (and it's quite straightforward), then the whole Pricing page is confusing. And the other way, if Pricing and listed there Tiers are in "charge", then what about Limits page.

Albert M

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Sure, happy to help:

1) Yes, the Indie/Pro tiers have higher limits.

2) The higher limits are set automatically, when you have a signed contract.

3) This post is still accurate: The indie and pro tiers have the same limits.

4) The Essentials tier is the free tier. There's no difference. The Essentials tier has a few of each of the LiveOps capabilities, like Scheduled Tasks. But it's too limited to be able to build a full LiveOps campaign for a game, which is why we don't list it as being available in that tier.

5) The limitations in the Essentials tier are fairly small, though simple games could ship in it (assuming you don't need a Service Level Agreement or private support options).

6) No. The essentials tier is not limited in terms of MAU.

7) So that you can choose to increase selected limits. In the Essentials tier in particular, you might need only one limit increased, so we made that option available.

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Fuzail Sarang avatar image Fuzail Sarang commented ·

@Brendan Is it possible to update a specific limit say player segments for the Indie Tier? And what is the cost implications. The reason for this question is that we have a scenario where there are 3-4 limits that we may need increased.

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We provide the limit upgrades you see in the Limits tab of the Game Manager for where we've worked out the details of specific basic cost increases. Outside that, you'd need to work with our sales team at (though in general, we only do custom limits in Enterprise contracts).

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