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Subscriptions in PLayfab...

@Brendan After setting the subscription and testing it got me satisfying result. The next step would be to validate receipt by playfab (also done). Now binding it with playfab, it was not possible so I used another way around i.e. making the item consumable over time until and running a cloud script to grant the user the item after script validation, even then it was going great but I thought that my app will not only target ios and android but also platforms like tizen and amazon. Amazon is like play store and apple so I'll try it later as far as tizen goes I integrated Paypal as IAP but then the problem arised that playfab will not charge an automatic subscription and thet is not what I want.

I hope I made my question clear:


Secondly after even setting the normal purchase up, nothing shows on the screen after clicking the button and the purchase is not even confirmed but the player is granted the object for paying for purchase ?

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Is the question, "how can I enable subscriptions via PayPal?" If so, the answer is that right now, our built-in Subscription/Membership model is available for Apple and Google receipt validation. To do a subscription-like purchase using other systems, you could potentially use an item which has a time-based expiration, and use that to track on subscription status.

Can you clarify the first part of what you're saying though? It sounds like you're saying to validate the receipt in Cloud Script, and grant items as a distinct operation. That should never be necessary, since our built-in receipt validation calls automatically add the correct item based upon the ItemId in the game primary catalog matching the ProductId in the receipt.

For the last part though, we do not interfere in the display layer of the game in any way. What you'll want to do is use the purchasing API calls (whether receipt validation or otherwise) to determine when purchases have completed, and the items that were granted to the user as a result.

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I've been waiting for the auto-renewable subscription feature. Because you said in the forum that the feature will be released around the GDC this month. It's great to hear the feature is working.

My question is:

Does it support auto-renewable subscriptions?

Currently, PF fires a real money purchase event by verifying initial subscription purchase receipt.

If so, at the end of the first session with the subscription maintained, will PF automatically validate the old receipt again and update the membership model(expiration date), add a time limited consumable item and send real money purchase events accordingly and vice versa?

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brendan avatar image brendan Minseo commented ·

Yes, we provide subscriptions for iTunes and Google Play, currently. We actually released this ahead of GDC. And yes, it supports all iTunes/Google Play subscriptions, which includes auto-renewing subscriptions. We'll be posting a tutorial shortly, will full details on the usage patterns.

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many thanks!

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