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Is the UE4 struct FPlayFabBaseModel missing PLAYFAB_API macro?

While messing around with the UE4 c++ sdk I came across a linker error when calling the FPlayFabBaseModel::toJSONString function.

The error is:

LoginActor.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class FString __cdecl PlayFab::FPlayFabBaseModel::toJSONString(void)const " (?toJSONString@FPlayFabBaseModel@PlayFab@@QEBA?AVFString@@XZ) referenced in function "private: void __cdecl ALoginActor::OnCloudFunctionSuccess(struct PlayFab::ClientModels::FExecuteCloudScriptResult const &)" (?OnCloudFunctionSuccess@ALoginActor@@AEAAXAEBUFExecuteCloudScriptResult@ClientModels@PlayFab@@@Z)

I believe the fix is to replace:

struct FPlayFabBaseModel


struct PLAYFAB_API FPlayFabBaseModel

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You're not wrong, and your fix may be adopted.

Before I accept your suggestion blindly though:
Why are you calling toJSONString for a FPlayFabBaseModel? FPlayFabBaseModel has no attributes, and so the output json will be equivalent to empty object.

If you're trying to re-serialize FExecuteCloudScriptResult, I don't think it will work the way you hope, because that object doesn't have a static definition.

I could be mis-remembering that code, but I don't think it's designed to output the json for objects without a static definition.

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I was calling it on various F*Result objects to have it spit out some JSON that represented the result. I'm just testing this stuff out seeing what I get, nothing special. In this case it was the FExecuteCloudScriptResult::FunctionResult object and again, just wanted to print out whatever data was in there. If there's a better way, I'll gladly head toward that!

And thank you for the swift reply. I appreciate it!

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See Montana Tuska's answer below.

Unfortunately, in C++ we can't as easily just print arbitrary json outputs like the CloudScript FunctionResult. You can evaluate it like MT says below, and output anything you are expecting to find in your result.

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You should not need to use that toJSONString function, especially since you're talking about the FExecuteCloudScriptResult::FunctionResult. FunctionResult is a FJsonKeeper type. Instead, you should use the FJsonKeeper::GetJsonValue then use the ue4 FJsonValue functions from there. You will most likely want to do something like FunctionResult.GetJsonValue()->AsObject() then use the FJsonObject methods instead.

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