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S3 and AWS analytics dashboards

Hello people,Not directly a Playfab question but I hope to find answers here.
So we put our playstream (with all our game events) into S3 as per Playfabs instructions. Whats the next step? I'd like to create fancy dashboard proferably by using AWS services (we have credits there ;). What are you guys using and how is it set up?
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated - as a start up we always prefer the path of least resistance, so if there's an easier way we are open to it.Thank you!
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We believe we have sufficient and efficient dashboard already available to be used but if you have any suggestions please post them on feature request as well.

However, It's all custom, we don't use any AWS to generate them so we might not be able to really give an advice. Only advice is that you can use a cluster of elastics search servers and snowflake to generate the dashboards. thanks

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Thanks mate,

I was told by Playfab staff that 'its not really about dashboards' and that I should use the option of archiving the playstream on S3 and look into an analytics solution on top, hence my request for recomendations.

Maybe I'm missing something? If you could point me to the relevant information/exmaples I'd be happy to look.

Thank you,

Congrats for the aquisition!

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To be clear, we've got dashboards and reports for all the standard KPIs. I believe what was meant in the discussion was that for advanced analytics - digging into and visualizing the game-specific things - you'll want to use Snowflake, or else use the Event Archive to send all your events to S3 (where you could extract them to Redshift, for example). But Snowflake can be used with Tableau and Looker easily, so it tends to be our recommendation.

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Thanks Brendan, that's exactly what I was after, should have phrased my original question better ;) Looking to get specific insights about player behavour rather than high level KPIs

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I have edited my first response, hope that will give you some insight. thanks again.

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Thanks mate that claryfies this. Thank you!

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