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Google login issues not using GPGS for Unity not working consistently? Code already redeemed

I'm trying to implement sign in with google, and to an extent I have. I've been using this plugin!/content/94517 to get the authentication info for google including the server auth code and sending that to playfab. The plugin's google login works fine and when I send it to playfab it usually works the first time as well. But after attempting it one more time the playfab link/login fails consistently with the error invalid_grant: code already redeemed.

I start by generating an account with the android device id. When the user clicks the login button my flow is the following : Get Server Auth Code->Attempt to link google account->Log in with google account if successful or if another account linked to that google account exists->unlink android device if link was successful.

I also make sure to save the server auth code when the user launches the app again. Though I doubt this is the issue because I did try not saving it, and I still ended up with the same issues. The Server Auth Code does appear to be a different string each time as well.

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The only way you should get the "code already redeemed" response is if you're re-using a ServerAuthCode, so I'd double-check the flow.

Speaking of which though, can you clarify the flow in the second paragraph above? It sounds like you're saying you do a login call after a link call. But to make a link call successfully, you have to already be signed in, so another login would be superfluous. What's the actual sequence of calls, in your title?

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Alright thanks! I fixed it

I was doing a login call after a link call because it was easier since I needed the account info of the user, so I just redirected them to the login call that was used if they already had an account. I also implemented facebook login, and that's what I did for that and it seemed to work fine since facebook access tokens don't get consumed. But with google, I was generating a new server auth code for each login, but I never generated a new one for the link, and that's what was causing the problem.

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Why not just call Client/GetAccountInfo, GetPlayerCombinedInfo, or GetPlayerProfile to get the info after the link operation?

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That's what I'm doing now

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