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Why can't the Local Multiplayer Agent locate my packaged server?

Multiplayer Agent Can't Find ''

What I want

I want the functionality to run my packaged Shipping or Development server locally just for testing. I understand that I can't make API calls to Playfab services. When it comes to gameplay however, this is required for iterating on features & gameplay in any practical sense.

My server build, packaged for shipping, is currently healthy and actively deployed on PlayFab.

  1. I can connect multiple players to it.

  2. I can connect multiple players to it from multuple sources.

  3. I can query the server for info about it IPAddress, Port, ID, etc.

Big-picture those three things are great! For an end goal it is functioning as expected, perfect!

The primary problem

The LocalMultiplayerAgent constantly returns it, "can't find the '' file even though I've pathed right to it using the MultiplayerSettings.json file to configure it. 7056-lma.png

This .zip file, that it can't find, is The. Exact. Same. Verbatim. packaged server (Shipping) that is currently (as of a few days now) on PlayFab with a healthy Status. Tried and Tested.

The secondary problem (for added context)

  1. I am using a source build of Unreal Engine. 5.4.1 to be exact.

  2. The other pain of this is that this single function crashes the Unreal Editor for 5.4.1 IF AND ONLY IF I try to Play my game In Editor (P.I.E) with ANY net-mode selected. Having it commented out lets me still build my project but also doesn't crash my editor when trying to play test something.

  3. When this happens I end up with access violations and missing dlls.


What I suspect

This is a two-part problem. I suspect that if can get this agent to work it will allow me to 'passively' run my mock server which in turn will allow the editor to function in the event if, "UGSDK::ReadyForPlayers()", is called. I suspect this because I can connect to my deployed server from packaged clients as well as directly from the editor as well. The Editor functions when the expected data from Playfab is given to the GSDK. I do not want to have to edit the server > cook it > package it > upload it > wait for it to be deployed > just to test small amounts of functionality. I'm one person.

What do I need to do?

What do I need to do to at least first get the Multiplayer agent to work with my packaged server as a process (not contained) as a starting point?

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Xiao Zha answered

Have you removed the “<>” in the LocalFilePath. The LocalFilePath should look like "E:\\xxx\\xxx\\". You could also refer to to learn how to local debug your server build.

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Yes I have and I have since gotten it to work and locate my server...HOWEVER...upon some more testing. It would seem that this behavior...occurs explicitly when I create a blueprint class of the c++ gameinstance.

Also I apologize for the lack of formatting I don't know why it all went away. It was really well organized so you could see exactly what I was talking about.

But...just to reiterate. The Local Multiplayer Agent works. The editor works BUT this pretty much means I can't interact with my gameinstance in unreal engine via the node graph for blueprints and will strictly have to code everything.

Thank you for the reply.

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Xiao Zha avatar image Xiao Zha Timothy Perdue commented ·

To local debug the game server, you have to code well, then package your game server, then you can use Local Multiplayer Agent to debug the packaged server. If you want to debug the server inside the Unreal Engine editor mode, currently, Local Multiplayer Agent doesn't support that. if there’s any misunderstanding on my part, please feel free to correct me.

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Timothy Perdue avatar image Timothy Perdue Xiao Zha commented ·

You were not mistaken and It was actually I that was mistaken about the scope of what the Agent could provide. And yes for anyone in the future my issues were due to trying to use the agent beyond what it could do.

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