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Playfab and Xsolla User Authentication Problem

We've come across a peculiar error in the Playfab and Xsolla authentication process. Here's the situation:

We're actively developing a game, utilizing Playfab as our primary backend platform and incorporating Xsolla for the microtransaction feature. To facilitate this, we've already integrated Xsolla user data storage with Playfab.

However, we've run into an issue when attempting to log into our Xsolla webshop. It persistently displays an 'Incorrect email address/username or password' error. Oddly, we can successfully log into our game app using the very same credentials.

In our quest to resolve this, we reached out to Xsolla's customer support for insights. After an investigation from their end, they shared the following explanation:

"Because you are using Playfab storage, it's correct that Xsolla authentication is not involved, and authentication is handled by Playfab. The problem arises when we attempt to register in the webshop, and the authentication request is forwarded to Playfab. Playfab returns a 404 bad status code, yet the user is registered in Playfab storage, which is not the expected behavior. If Playfab returns an error, the user shouldn't be registered in your Playfab storage. Hence, we kindly request that you engage with Playfab to investigate and resolve this issue."

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Could you please share more details? We are not familiar with Xsolla and don't know what the webshop is. Please share as much documentation as possible.

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Apologies for the delayed response.

Xsolla is a payment service provider that handles in-app purchases and microtransactions, however we're using it mainly for its webshop feature. The webshop allows user to make purchases through a website, not directly in our game.

We've already set Xsolla add-on to active on Playfab's Partner Add-ons under monetization. On Xsolla's platform, we've configured the user data storage to PlayFab. And we've also set playfab's game title ID and secret key within Xsolla's setting.

I hope this answers your question.

Xsolla webshop: Xsolla integration with Playfab: Playfab user storage:

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Izzuddin Hussin avatar image Izzuddin Hussin JayZuo ♦ commented ·

We have tried to replicate the scenario by creating a new xsolla project.

It worked. and we repeated it again.

We notice a tiny differences. The original xsolla project was under Brunei region while the new project was under US.

Is it possible that region based location has anything to do with it?

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Xiao Zha answered

I followed the documentation to do the test:

  1. create a WebShop Site

  2. create a new Login Project in the Login Dashboard

  3. set the User Storage to PlayFab and set the TitleId correctly

  4. in the new WebShop Site builder page, I set the XSOLLA LOGIN to the new Login Project

  5. try sign up and login with email address and password, both Sign up and Log in works fine, and the newly sign-up account also appears in my Title

I can’t reproduce your issue, you may refer to my steps to test again. Also, since you can successfully log into the game application, if you are using playfab login API, it means that the PlayFab login API is working fine, and as the documentation: Xsolla Documentation - PlayFab storage mentions "The Xsolla login server sends a request to PlayFab to change user data.", you may want to check how Xsolla set and sends the login or registration request. In addition, you may double check the TitleId(set in the User Storage page), email address and password to see if you set them correctly.

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