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PlayFab Entity APIs / Azure Functions Documentation

Context: Using the C# SDK, Entity APIs, Azure Functions

How much support / funding is PlayFab getting internally? I'm looking into various services and I am finding PlayFab a little underwhelming for a Microsoft product (I'm a Windows dev by day and typically love MS documentation/dev tools).

It seems like the newer stuff (Entity APIs, Azure Function integration) is poorly documented. I'm getting suggestions to add these helper classes that are pretty much broken or just outdated. Have to figure out a lot of stuff on my own or through random forum posts and make changes, not the kind of dev experience I expect.

The C# SDK apparently has no Summary tags either, as intellisense descriptions are pretty much non-existent.

I'm now setting up local debugging for my Cloud Script / Azure Function using this guide:

It recommends adding this file:

This of course obviously doesn't compile, and is broken. Last updated 2 years ago?

Why am I copying/pasting these "helper" classes at all? Why isn't this built into the SDK?

Apologies for the frustration, but I just expected more and I'm wondering if PlayFab simply just doesn't get the internal support it needs.

Am I missing something? Should I be using Classic APIs for now?

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As you mentioned, some of our documentation may be out of date, sorry for the inconvenience. And regarding the choice of entity API and classic API, please note that Entities only provide new access patterns for current accounts and data systems. It is not yet a complete replacement for Classic APIs. Since most Entity API and Classic API are for different usages, you should choose them based on your needs, and you can safely use them both at the same time. For more info, you can refer to Entity Programming Model - PlayFab | Microsoft Learn.

The ExecuteFunction.cs you mentioned is the local implementation of the ExecuteFunction API call. It simulates the behavior of how PlayFab process the ExecuteFunction API call on the server side locally, so, you need to add it in you Azure Function project. Although this file was updated 2 years ago, there shouldn't be any issues with the file. In my tests, it also works fine. Could you tell us more details about your scenario? And what error message did you get?

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