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Dedicated Server with GSDK (Run Server on outside of Playfab)


I'm in the process of developing a game server system where players can request matchmaking and join dynamic game sessions, much like dungeons. My intention is to establish a dedicated persistent server that runs continuously, making the use of PlayFab for this purpose impractical. Basically, I am not able to use PlayFab for the persistent server it's going to be run on 7/24.

In this architecture, players should be able to initiate the matchmaking process from our dedicated persistent server in order to connect to a PlayFab-powered game server. To achieve this, I've successfully deployed a dedicated server (leveraging GSDK) on PlayFab, and this part is functioning as expected.

However, I've encountered an obstacle while attempting to integrate the GSDK into our persistent server. Specifically, an error message is appearing: "Unreal GSDK requires a named port: gameport." This error seems to be related to MPS build port-configuration, which doesn't align well with the PlayFab environment.

Naturally, our persistent server is triggering this error since the GSDK isn't behaving as anticipated within the PlayFab context.

Additionally, we have an authoritative C# server that handles login and database operations using TCP sockets. I'm exploring the possibility of using this C# server to request match tickets and retrieve match details, although I'm uncertain about the viability of achieving this integration within the Unreal framework.

Ultimately, it appears that we require two distinct servers: one to manage PlayFab instances, and another that operates without the GSDK.

I'm reaching out to seek advice on potential strategies for utilizing the GSDK to facilitate matchmaking without the need for deployment on the PlayFab platform. Any insights or guidance you can provide would be immensely valuable.

Thank you for your assistance.

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May I know why you use the server to request matchmaking ticket for the player? Normally you can just implement the matchmaking feature in the client side.

About the error message “Unreal GSDK requires a named port: gameport”: Did you test your server code using local multiplayer agent? Did you add the port named gameport to the multiplayer server build? You may find related information about how to configure the ports for your MPS build in this guide.

If you want to use the GSDK in your persistent server without deploying it on PlayFab, you will need to modify the plugin code to bypass the port validation and registration logic. You can find the source code of the plugin in this Github Repository. However, this is not recommended, as you will lose some of the benefits of using the GSDK, such as health checks, graceful shutdown, and custom data. Moreover, you will need to handle the matchmaking and allocation logic yourself, as the GSDK will not be able to communicate with PlayFab.

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