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Unity says account has been created but It does not appear on the game manager dashboard with a lot of weird behaviours.

At the start the account creation was okay, no problems for about a couple of days. Upon adding matchmaking I wanted to try it out with running two unity editors. Whenever I created an account, I would append a random number from 0 - 255 at the end of the the device's unique identifier.

This is the code:

 var request = new LoginWithCustomIDRequest {
             CustomId = SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier + UnityEngine.Random.Range(0, 255) ,
             CreateAccount = true
         PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithCustomID( request, OnLoginSuccess, OnError );

so far everything was okay for at least a day upon testing the matchmaking.

Today, i noticed that I was no longer able to create an account. I tried deleting all the players in PlayFab and still was not able to create any random accounts. However if I remove the randomization of the last digit of my customID, I am able to register. I feel like there is some weird caching happening behind the scenes. To make things weird, whenever I create an account, it appears to update the numbers on the side bar but not on the players page itself then after a while the newly added player is removed then it goes back to 1 again.


I tried creating a new studio/game just to pin down why this is happening. in the new playfab studio I was able to create accounts seamlessly without any weird behaviours. And yes i double checked my PlayFab Unity extension if I was on the right project, i also added a titleID parameter upon creating an account with CustomID.

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The random range is small, so it's easy to generate the same custom ID on the same device. So it may work for a couple of days and then it appears to encounter issue frequently.

For the issue that you delete all players in the title, but you still cannot create account. The reason is that the account deletion process queues the account for deletion. Based on the queue’s load, it may take some time to fully delete the accounts. And before that, you cannot use the same custom id credential to create accounts. If you intend to reuse the login credential immediately, we recommend that you can unlink the credential before deleting the accounts. Refer to Account Management - Unlink Custom ID - REST API (PlayFab Client) | Microsoft Learn. In addition, for a period of time after title deletes player accounts, the statistics of the total number of players may be inaccurate.

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Thank you for the answer, how does playfab support the workflow for having 2 test accounts in 1 device? should i just follow through the standard login system and just log in everytime i do tests?

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