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PlayFab Unity Editor Extensions not updating properly?

Dear PlayFab community,

I am having some difficulty in getting the PlayFab Unity Extensions to successfully update the Unity SDK. I think it updates, but the SDK number remains the same. Also, why is there a difference in the version numbers between the PlayFab Editor Extensions from the Extension versus the PlayFab website?

Further, after updating the SDK (successfully?) it will sometimes claim that I'm "up to date", but show the wrong version number.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Quite a while ago, I decided to synchronize the version numbers between PlayFab Editor Extensions, and our UnitySDK. So, all the website and patchnotes and everything else should be saying the latest version, which is 2.27.170828.

Your screenshots indicate that this is the SDK version you just fetched, so you should be good to go.

Your Editor Extension says 0.0.994, which is apparently someplace I missed because I haven't seen or updated that value in months. In other words, that value is meaningless, because we're not changing it. It is however my fault, so I'll figure out where that comes from and get it set properly in the next build.

The SDK update seems to have failed on PlayFabSharedSettings.asset. This contains some of your title settings, such as titleId, devSecretKey, and some customizations you can change. In hindsight, you probably don't want to replace that file when updating the SDK... In your case, that's the file that failed, so... yay? I'll definitely look into that detail of the upgrade path though.

So, finally, if you restart Unity and reopen your project, does the SDK version appear to be up to date and the latest? If not, I would suggest you cut-paste your PlayFabSharedSettings.asset file out of your project, and into a temporary location, upgrade again, and then paste it back.

You've showed us a few things we missed, which should be polished up, so thanks for sharing.

ETA probably about a month or two.

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John Peterson avatar image John Peterson commented ·

Thanks, Paul! When I exit Unity and restart it, it still shows the *old* SDK version number, but also shows that the SDK is the latest (note the attached screen shot). I think this is what was contributing to my confusion.


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Oh, that's strange...

I suspect that your best path is to delete the "PlayFabSDK" folder, and then re-import the latest package manually, or through the PlayFab panel (if it works after you delete the SDK - that's a coin toss).

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John Peterson avatar image John Peterson 1807605288 ♦ commented ·

Heh! Yeah...I did that (manually), but the old version is still "sticky" in the Editor Extensions.

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