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How to retrieve history of player login time and virtual currency transactions via Cloudscript?,History of login time / virtual currency transaction and how to retrieve them in Cloudscript


Our team is contracted to develop an Unity-based online social game for a Taiwan-based publisher. Due to local legal requirement, we have to keep some player activities for 6 months history as supporting evidences for player dispute / complaint. So my question(s) is:

1. I can see some login time on my dashboard, does it keep most recent 6 months history and how can I retrieve it from cloud script?

2. Similar question as 1, do Playfab keep most recent 6 months virtual currency transactions? If yes, how can I retrieve them via cloud script?

We do have backup plan to build our own history storage service. Before we go deep into that path and log everything by our own, I'd like to know what playfab already have.

Any hints / experiences / best practice would be great!



Hello there,

Due to recent local legal regulation enforcement, our online social game needs to keep 6 months of player's activity data (like login time, virtual currency item transactions, chat history, etc as supporting evidence for player dispute. Yes, now player can go to police if he lost his virtual items, just like real theft!).

So my question(s) are:

1. I can see some login history on my dashboard, however, how long does Playfab keep those data? 3 months or 6 months or it's limit by some sort of numbers?

2. If Playfab do keep 6 months login time history, how can we retrieve it via cloudscript?

3. Similar question to virtual coin transactions -> do Playfab keep those transactions history as well and how can I retrieve it?

We have consider to setup another history data storage server alongside with Playfab, but before that we would like to know what Playfab already have and how to get them, thanks!

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We maintain all events for titles for their full history (though all PII is removed for players that have been deleted), but the retention period of your game will determine the history that is available to you in the Game Manager specifically. And we do not provide open query on our data tables, as that is one of the most common ways in which titles encounter issues online - one bad query can severely degrade performance for all titles. Instead, we provide a suite of functionality for games that are as generic as possible, but where we have created and optimized the queries to prevent any performance issues, regardless of scale.

What I would recommend is having a look at our Snowflake integration. In that integration, we provide a "view" into all the data for your title, so that you can query it for anything you need.

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