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Will my limits change after going live?

Hello there.

The game I am working on currently does not exceed any of the limits in my Settings/Limits tab in my Game Manager. Does that mean that I can use PlayFab for free even after going live if my game stays within those limits?

I would also like to know what determines at which point a game goes live. I have read somewhere that it happens after registering 1k users or on a release date. Is that true? If so then where can I set my release date because I have not found such an option in my dashboard yet.

I would also love to get a quick response because my game is just about to get submitted to the store.

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Can you let us know the Title ID so that we can review? If your title is operating at the basic free tier limits, then no, your limit will not change once you are live. If you happen to be using an older title ID, and you were doing some extreme testing when we enabled enforcement of our limits, it's possible that you have a temporary limit increase which was applied at the time - an effort on our part to ensure no title could break due to the enforcement. Titles that have these exceptions may need to update to lower their usage to be in line with the actual free tier limits, if it's found that their usage is impacting the service negatively. But to be clear, we would do everything we can to work with you to make that process as simple as possible.

And if you are in the free tier, please be aware that it is meant for hobbyists and first-time indies. All support for that tier is via our forums, and there is no service level agreement. We do what we can to help our free tier developers, but we have to be realistic that where we don't have revenue, we can't exactly hire additional staff to cover them. We are obligated to make sure titles with contracts are unblocked first.

If you have a pro tier agreement with us, you're already operating at the pro tier limits, so no, you won't have a limit change when you go live.

As to "live", yes, our standard pro tier contract specifies that we consider the title to be live when it has reached 1,000 player accounts. However, we strongly encourage developers to share as much info as they can on their dates - initial ship, content updates, user acquisition campaigns, upcoming features, etc.

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Thank you! My Title ID is C938.

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Thanks! Reviewing the title, I saw only one limit that was not set to the normal defaults for the Free tier: And since you haven't even used close to the normal limit for 24 hours, it appears to be safe to set that back to the default. We took care of that, so you won't have any problems there. I do see that you have a couple of Cloud Script calls which make Server API calls in a loop - you'll want to double-check those to make sure there aren't any cases in which you might hit the Cloud Script limits while you're testing.

Other items:

In player data, I notice that you have a lot of small values in separate keys - it would actually be more efficient to aggregate those into fewer, larger keys. Also, you have a number if integer values in there that you may want to convert to statistics.

Finally, why are you storing the player's Device ID in UserInternalData? It's already part of the player profile, so that seems redundant?

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The API calls limit is not a problem.

I will consider aggregating the keys, thanks.

I use Device ID in my duplicate login prevention system. My users can login with facebook and then their ID is unlinked from the account.

I also want to create a new game for release version and just to be sure I want to ask whether that new game will have exactly the same limits as my current game.

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