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Are exisiting/old games affected by the new pricing system?

We have a game in development which needs Professional plan features (Scheduled tasks), the game was created before the new pricing system. Are these/those games also affected? If so, how can we tell if a game is or will be affected? It seems that all features are accessible during development, but it's not clear which features are 'paid' during development.

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To be clear, the last time we changed pricing was quite a while ago. The recent change was to clean up the pricing page, removing the mix-and-match tier (no one used it, and it wasn't really a good value, so it didn't make any sense to keep it). If you're referring to features that we list as being in Pro, but which you do have a (very) small amount of in Free, that's specifically because the amount we provide for things like PlayStream action triggers isn't enough to effectively manage automated live operations for a game. It's really there so that you can get a feel for what the capabilities are for those tools.

Here's the thing - we're committed to not having any breaking changes for titles. But we're also committed to being here long-term, which means making sure we keep our costs low for our Free tier. So what does that mean for Free tier titles? Here's the main thing to check:

Look at your limits page (Settings->Limits). Click into each one and check - is the "Free" option the one that's ticked, under "Available Plans"? If not, you likely have a temporary limit that was added when we turned on the limits, based upon your current usage at the time. We specifically did that to make sure no title would break when we started enforcing the limits. If your "Custom Limit" is significantly higher than the Free level (more than 10-15%), you should work on bringing your usage down to the Free level as soon as you can. Higher levels (obviously) result in higher costs to us, so if a title starts to get heavy usage, that's the point where we would need to reach out to you, to work with you on making changes to get the usage level down (or move to the Pro tier, or a custom contract).

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Thanks for the reply. This clarifies a lot. The limits of all features we use, use the Free plan, so that's good news.

Several limits have different available plans (higher limits cost x per x MAU), do you need to upgrade to the Pro tier for limits that don't have different plans, but state that you 'need to contact you about enterprise plans' (for example Scheduled task concurrency has no different available plans)?

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Anything that doesn't have an upgrade you can choose in the Game Manager would require that the title be on a pro or enterprise tier contract, yes.

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