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Economy v2 Catalog - Is it possible to COPY it from one title to another (same studio)

Hi all!

So, I'm starting my journey with Economy v2 (or rather, restarting after a short break). I have things working well. The thing is, my studio has multiple titles (for the same game, just different requirements: Development, QA, Live, etc.)

I was testing it on Dev, and currently, there are only a few items, so I have no issue manually copying it over just yet... but there's going to come a time when it's a going to be more than just a few, and I honestly don't have time for that, and/or want to make any human mistakes.

If the Catalog works on Dev, I want to copy that sucker to the other titles.

JSON download/upload looked interesting, but that was a thing in Economy how can we do it quickly in v2 using Game Manager?

On a side note to anyone else looking and may run into the same issue, hopefully, this saves you a little bit of time. I had originally been doing lookups with the ItemID on the Player's Inventory...but guess what, each time you create something, it's a new ID, including in the new titles... which led me to use the Friendly ID field for my lookups. HOWEVER...sadly... the Friendly ID is not so friendly, and doesn't transfer over to Inventory, why that's not a thing is beyond me. So, I have to not only cache my Player's Inventory, but also the whole Catalog (which in hindsight, I'd probably want to do anyway, too bad it's only max 50 at a time), and then in my logic do some conversions for the lookups, using the Friendly ID in my Data Table.

And why? So that when you create a new item in another title, you can use the same Friendly ID and use that for your lookup because you are going to have a different Item ID (and least if you do it manually via Game Manager).

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Currently, Economy V2 doesn’t support a quick copy and paste of Catalog among different titles via Game Manager. As a workaround, you can use API to implement it. The workflow may be: Using Catalog - Search Items - REST API (PlayFab Economy) | Microsoft Learn to cache the items data of a Catalog, then calling Catalog - Create Draft Item - REST API (PlayFab Economy) | Microsoft Learn to create Catalog item one by one in another title according to your cached data

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Be careful though, as SearchItems API applies a filter to bits on the items - IsHidden items are not returned (probably not a big issue), but also descriptions and titles are filtered by the current locale - so you won't get a complete item. One way to get around this is to put that data into DisplayProperties so it is migrated across.

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The Select property in SearchItems requests can be used to get the full dataset.

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We know this is a hard problem for Economy V2 developers right now. Honestly, it's something we were discussing this morning. We're still working out design details, but I expect it's something you'll start seeing roll into the APIs for the next few months.

Unfortunately, copying the catalog from one Title to another is still the hardest problem. We want to make it easy, but it will take a bit longer than the rest to release.

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We hope this gets addressed soon. The lack of support for basic modern infrastructure such as separate deployment environments makes PlayFab feel more like an alpha prototype than a production-ready BaaS.

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