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Query Previous Leaderboard

While reading through the forums this functionality is regularly requested but I haven't seen a feature request for it yet. Thought I should make one.

Also, it's been mentioned that this is a backlog item for implementation. Last post I found mentioning this was Oct 2016. Any update on the feature?

Leaderboards and Statistics
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Most folks who've asked about this have used multiple stats for this purpose - use two so that you can rotate between them, for example. The simple fact is that enabling full leaderboard style queries (including "around player" and "friends only") does effectively mean the same as regular stats, in terms of cost. So if we were to provide something like this, would you rather a) have less stats available for your title, but be able to query one back, or b) pay for extra stats, so that you can enable this?

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I came across those posts of using two leaderboards/stats and rotating between them. The biggest issue with that is it's not automated and requires manual resetting. I think it's possible to create external tools that run on a third party server to automate this type of stuff but then we're talking about moving away from PlayFab to perform other LiveOps functionality, which is undesirable for the developer, and, I believe, not the intent of PlayFab.

In response to your question; I'd prefer less stats available for my title and have this functionality at the base PlayFab level. Then if we realize we need more stats we can pay for that upgrade. I assume the limit would drop to about half, so currently that would bring it between 12 and 13.

On a side note, Leaderboards/Statistics don't seem to be removable from the Game Manager. This would be nice to have given the limits.

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Correct - which is why we're looking to add more leaderboard functionality in the near future, to provide for more features in that space (specific to your notes about how to enable resetting on alternating leaderboards and deleting stats). You can expect to see that update later this quarter - the recommendation above is specific to how things work right now.

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You can now query for a previous version (that's within the span of your retention period) via the Version/UseSpecificVersion parameters.

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