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Allow Unlinking accounts from Server or Admin APIs

It would be convenient to use the Unlink*Account family endpoints from server side (UnlinkFacebookAccount, UnlinkGoogleAccount, etc)

The use case is implementing an account deletion process. On wich the user asks for the deletion of their account, and after 30 days, all the user's personal information gets deleted from their Playfab account, including mail, name, or linked accounts, and disabling any access to this acccount without deleting it, to keep information that may not be related to the user anymore but would affect to past analytics and such.

Recently I received a request from Apple to include in all apps a method to allow users to delete their accounts, so I guess more people should be interested in being able to use these functions as the deadline comes.

Upcoming Requirement Reminder 

Note: This is a support message regarding upcoming requirements that may be relevant for your app.

Starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store that support account creation must also include an option to initiate account deletion.

We noticed this app may support account creation. If it already offers account deletion or you're working to implement it, we appreciate your efforts to follow the App Store Review Guidelines. Apps submitted after June 30 that do not comply with the account deletion requirements in guideline 5.1.1(v) will not pass review.
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