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Named/customisable PlayStream Monitor events for Azure Function calls

Legacy cloudscript functions report exactly which handler (and revision) is being triggered in PlayStream monitor which is extremely useful.

With cloudscript functions written using the new Azure Function App approach, however, all function call appear in Playstream "anonymously" with the label:

"(V2) Function Executed"

This makes it impossible to see what's happening if there are many different triggers and feels like a feature regression rather than a step forward (which is a shame given the benefits and power provided by Azure functions).

The only way to see which function the event was, is to open the raw event JSON which makes the Playstream Monitor far less useful than it was for the legacy cloudscript.

As a "quick win", can I suggest the events are simply decorated with labels matching the function name (The name set up in PlayFab that's mapped onto the Azure function). This should be quick and easy to do since the data is already in the JSON under:

"Payload": {
         "Source": "API",
         "FunctionName": "TheFunctionNameIsHere",
         "ExecutionTimeMilliseconds": 6877,}  "FunctionName": "MyFunctionNameExample",
         "ExecutionTimeMilliseconds": 6877,
	"Results": {etc}

Perhaps the execution time and source would be useful too, but the important thing is the function name to distinguish what's happening from the noise (especially useful when debugging dev builds).

Later, it would be useful to have some control over what gets shown in the event label but that's not a high priority right now.

I understand I can also write my own events using the Events API but I don't want to clog up the Monitor with duplicate events.


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