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Server\Group Entities, with stats and storage capabilities similar to Player Entities

While PlayFab supports use cases for ecosystem players to authenticate, manipulate state, and query aggregations I would like to see this capability expanded to support Server entities as well as Group Entities that contain either Player Entities or Server Entities.

Ideal Scenario

I spin up 1000 servers, on boot up the servers register a server entity/account using the playfab secret as credentials, the server can then manipulate statistics related to itself, or save data like JSON or map files to the server entities data storage container. Useful metrics would be FPS, Latency, #Players or even used for gameplay.

When the servers create their server entity they immediately join the Server Group collection, we would like the server group to also be a container we can enumerate - for example give me the last recorded stat variable PlayerCount from each member of the server group - which we could then display to clients. We could then do leaderboards to rank our servers in terms of order by queries for example.

Telemetry and Stat Aggregations are hugely important for a large scale multiplayer ecosystem, equally as important are the servers the customers are playing on, and because the information we want to track or expose is not already a performance counter it makes more sense to expand PlayFab to support this scenario rather than invest in a whole separate ingestion/aggregation/reporting solution for (N) number of servers.


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