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Match Maker feedback

I've used playfab in the past multiple times for released and unreleased projects. I've used the new match maker API twice and there are a few things which come to mind which if fixed improve the experience greatly.

- It is impossible to match only for 1 person as minimum. You need this for games which are say MMOs and use the match maker to start zones with minimum of 1 and maximum of 3000 players. Granted that this is a rare usecase of playfab but still I prefer even if there is a 32 player session in a 3d world, my first player can enter waiting for others easily.

- Playfab web dashboard shows no errors when the path of the start command is incorrect and servers simply become unhealthy without telling why. shows a log of the server or something similar would greatly help

- Deleting a server which is still assigned to match making silently fails which is not good. Show an error please.

- There is no way to say that I don't care about the region of the server when sending a match making request. Probably this matters less after the initial testing but still mentioned it.

- And last but not least, please create the bidirectional socket SDKs and enable push for sending events or put a set of utility methods/a quick sample somewhere which match makes and pulls for status changes. I wrote some 200 lines of code for it and just copy it between projects but it would be great if calling it was as easy as other APIs

Between these all probably only that 2 player minimum is a pain to deal with and others are nice to haves.

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