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Group Type and Members of type Group

The Entity Group concept is handy but we think it lacks a couple features that would make it a step more useful.

Metadata a simple StringKeyValuePair that is returned with the Group when you query for groups. This could be used to let you filter on the groups returned similar to Valve's Lobby Metadata but most importantly it would give you a place to give hints as to the use of this particular group.

The point came up when we read that Entity Groups can be used for all sorts of things not jsut guilds and clans (cool) ... however when you list groups for an entity you get back a big list of groups with no indication other than the group name as to what kind of group this is.

A slightly related point would be on group name ... its at least suggested in the documentation that the group name should be unique at the title level ... but if this group is being used as well any number of the alternative uses for Entity Group noted aside from guild then name is a bit meaningless for most of them and certainly doesn’t need to be unique. If name was simply an optional metadata entry then you could use it or leave it.

Group members, seems they can only be Players or Characters at least according to documentation ... which is useful but we really need a group member of type group which could allow for all sorts of structures. Even if the rule was that at some point the membership chain had to evaluate to a Player or Character or even with limits on max depth that would still open up various possibilities like alliances, partitioned clans/raids/etc.

These are just a few ideas that came to mind as I tried to wrap my head around how to use groups. Admittedly I am still new to the concept so perhaps these needs are filled by some other mechanic but if so, I haven't found it yet.

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