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Forward user location with server

You may want to override the user's IP address.
In some cases, you may only want to use PlayFab for some of the game server's functions, or you may want to use PlayFab from an existing game server.
There are various reasons for this, such as when switching from Also, you can use PlayFab's There will be times when requests are made through some kind of server. For example, when you create a tool that allows users to see how they're playing from a website. Incorporating the playfabsdk in the client may expose the TitleID.
There is. It is possible to get the TitleID by parsing the game's executable file, but it is not possible to get the TitleID from a website's It's easier to get from places that

I am currently in the process of moving the existing game server functionality to PlayFab.
Currently, I'm using LoginWithServerCustomId from the existing game server and using The user's login is enabled, but the correct IP address of the user is not recorded and the The IP address of the game server will be recorded.
This prevents us from using the powerful analytics that PlayFab has to offer. This is very disappointing.
Setting up such an analysis environment is generally very complicated, and if you can use the standard features that come with it, you can use the It will help the developers if you have

My suggestion.
Adding APIs such as UpdateUserIP to the PlayFabServerAPI would be easy to do.
Or, when you call an API such as LoginWithServerCustomId If you can override the PlayerIP in CloudScript, you can get more accurate information We think it can be done.

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