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Vote 2-layer Security And Sercet Key

Hi everybody,

Whenworking with PlayFab, I feel there are a few missing features, I think PlayFab needs to do these additional features:

- 2-layer security: 2-layer security feature with Google Authenticator or sending verification code to the phone for administrator account login request.

- Limit Sercet Key: What happens if we need to set Sercet Key in game logic server for multi-player system: for example Photon Engine Server. Sercet Key is at risk of being hacked if security is not safe, there is no guarantee. Sometimes we just need to read and update data via Secret to check the inventory of players. But at the moment, it has too many features that make it unsafe if exposed.

=> I suggest: Accounts are authorized to access the Title by the Administrator, they are allowed to create their own Secret Keys. These Secret Keys are only allowed to read or write data according to the permissions of the licensed account, each of which is recorded with their Secret Key history. The administrator may know that the account is licensed to access, how they are processing the data with Secret Key.

- Daily Quest: The duty of goods can be handled manually by the programmer, however, if it is a core feature of the system, it will help new programmers more easily access the solution from PlayFab Team.

- Shorten the file link: The player uploads a photo or a file and stores it in Files (Player). With programmers who don't use external servers to store avatars, storing in Files (Player) is a good idea. However, the path is too long to make it impossible to write to Avatar Link in Profile.

If you are interested in these features, please Vote with me. Suggest PlayFab Team implement it.

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It's really best to have each Feature Request be only about one thing. Combining different requests into one means it's going to be much harder to schedule, and it's less likely to get votes, since if I only want one of the things you list, I'd be more inclined to find a Feature Request that's more specifically about the thing I want.

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HDUmi avatar image HDUmi brendan commented ·

Hi @Brendan

Can you edit the post for me? Only leave the first 2 features: 2-layer Security And Sercet Key

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