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Extend GetAllUsersCharacters

Would it be possible to extend the functionality of GetAllUsersCharacters to optionally return some of the character data / read only data, etc.

I would like to display a list of a player's characters along with some additional info such as level, customisation, avatar, etc. Currently I am doing this via a Cloud Script where I get the list then iterate over it gathering the additional information I need.

I thought being able to get it all in one call could be helpful

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We track all Feature Requests to see which ones are most desired by our community, but in this case I do need to call out one thing: Costs for the service (which we work to keep as low as possible, so that we can keep our pricing low) are based on the total amount of data read/written, and the frequency with which it is read/written. There are always tradeoffs to different storage and retrieval methods - an example that's similar to this request is that we heard from developers that they wanted to have more information about the player for rich leaderboards, which is part of why we added the player profile data.

In part, that's to highlight this - please use caution in any design such as you describe. If this is collecting data for a small number of characters and it's infrequent, that should be fine (the goal should be an average of a few calls per minute, across the whole play session - bursts are fine, but a sustained high rate of requests could cause your title to be throttled.

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Thanks for the tip. I could see how that could be a potential problem.

In my instance I was only wanting to generate a list of players for the users player selection screen, so it should only be called once during the sign in, then updated via deltas for the rest of the session. I'm planning on capping the number of characters to maybe 5, but most likely 3.

Just to confirm though, there is no way to query multiple characters player data in one call, right? Like, pass in an array of character ids and get an array of results back?

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brendan avatar image brendan sevdanski commented ·

So, you mean a list of players for an individual user of your game, or something else? If it's the characters of a single player, that's one thing, but trying to get a list across many players in the game would be very different.

But no, sorry, there's on way to query multiple characters in a single call at the moment.

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