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Dashboard: show cloudscript upload history

The problem:

There are 100 cloudscript versions on the server. Developers A and B are working on the same title, and happen to be logged into their title's dashboard at the same time. They're both on the Cloudscript tab and click on "Upload new revision" at the same time. They both browse to their cloudscript file and click on the "Save revision 101" button. Under the hood, PlayFab assigns the first one revision 101 and the second one 102. Both developers update their client code to call revision 101 and run the title, but one of them is left scratching their head since revision 101 doesn't contain any of their changes. Time is wasted, and lessons are learned.

Even when you're aware of that problem, it's annoying to always take an extra step to verify that version 101 is actually what you uploaded. Our cloudscript file is rather large and loads slowly in the browser. This is a problem that gets exponentially worse as team sizes grow: the more developers working on cloudscript, the more chances of parallel uploads happening, and the longer it takes to verify your upload.

Since the only effective way of debugging cloudscript is to add logging and upload a new file, parallel uploads are a frequent occurrence on even a mid size team. It happens often for us.



After you upload a new cloudscript, your browser would pop up a dialog telling you which revision you actually uploaded. For example, if there are 100 cloudscripts on the server and 4 people upload new ones in parallel, they would all click on a button "Save revision 101" but after the upload they would each get different dialogs, i.e. the 3rd uploader would see "Uploaded revision 103."


In the main cloud script tab, there's a dropdown to view a specific cloudscript revision. If you added the uploader's account name next to the revision it would be trivial to find the one that you just uploaded, no matter how many others were added in parallel.


In the main cloud script tab, add a checkbox "Only show your uploads".


In PlayFabClientAPI.ExecuteCloudScript(), allow the request to specify a PlayFab account name. That would tell PlayFab to use the latest cloudscript revision that was uploaded by the specified account. This solution would be really nice since you wouldn't have to keep modifying your client code to point to each new version that you upload.

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